General Information

Job Title:

House Manager – Weekends

Job Description:

The house manager will be responsible for oversight of, and engagement with the men in the home as they engage in various planned activities.  This would include a day of adventure on Saturdays and various church and study activities on Sundays.  The house manager will lead the men in a daily morning devotional, and will engage questions and conversations related to faith and life.  The house manager will begin shift at 8am on Saturday and will remain “on duty” until 8am Monday morning.

This would be a perfect opportunity for a graduate intern or graduate student who wants to gain experience in a ministry setting.

Position Qualifications:

Ability to hold appropriate boundaries and communicate clearly with residents and staff.  Ability to speak of the love of Christ to those who are seeking or may hold different views, and to extend love in the name of Christ to those who may never change.  Willingness to go on adventures, eat meals together, and facilitate community.  Must provide three references that speak to character and ability.  Due to the residential nature of the position, this would need to be held by a male, though we are open to a married couple filling the position.

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Part Time

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General Information

Church Name

William's Place

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(828) 337-5313




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City, State

Black Mountain, NC

Description of Organization

William’s Place was born out of the desire to help the addict find his way back: to life, to hope, to wholeness. William’s Place is a place of healing for those trapped in addiction. We seek to provide care for the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. At William’s Place we work hard. We play hard. We learn how to live again—to be in a relationship again. Residents will focus on their relationship with God, self, and others.

William's Place is a 12 week residential program for men pursuing recovery from substance use.  Our program initiatives include counseling, spiritual formation/discipleship, recreation (fun), occupation and life skills, and work and volunteering.  All of this occurs within the context of relationships in community.

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