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Guest Services Women’s Ministries Counselor

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Guest Services Women’s Ministries Counselor Job Description—2020


We are looking for a godly woman captivated by a spiritual calling to assist us with counseling guests and women. If you would like to explore this, thank you for your interest! We are a congregation of approximately 430 persons, born in 1987, and ever growing for the glory of our God. We have a K-2 through 12th grade Christian School ministry of over 230 students, and we are without debt, except for love, with room to grow. Looking at the future is exciting!

God graciously provides New Covenant with guests every week. These guests arrive on Sunday morning and at other ministries and events of the church. The job of the Guest Services Women’s Ministries Counselor (GSWMC) is to see that every guest is greeted well and counseled with the next appropriate opportunity to be discipled and fully assimilated into the life and culture of New Covenant Church. In addition, the GSWMC is to oversee all women’s ministries and provide counseling services along with our pastors as needed.

The GSWMC has a crucial role of making disciples of Christ by developing responsible church membership in the body of Christ at New Covenant. She will need to lead and manage strategic pathways, processes, and teams, develop leaders, recruit and train volunteers and provide reports on the level of engagement our guests and members have in the ministry of Christ.

Time involved is approximately 40 hours per week. This is a full-time position.

Position Qualifications:

Reporting Relationship

The Guest Services Women’s Ministries job and ministry is under the oversight of the Senior Pastor for the church elders. Should the work prove less time consuming than anticipated, there will be additional opportunities for discipleship, teaching, mercy ministries, event planning and conducting small group ministries. There is always much to do in God’s church for his glory and honor and the growth of his children.

Competencies and Characteristics

  1. Be a woman who seeks to love God with all her heart, mind, soul and strength and her neighbor as herself and demonstrates a calling from God to disciple others to do the same. She knows her example of love and outreach is an essential tool in the sanctification of the body of Christ. She embodies our church mission to love God and man wholeheartedly through exaltation, evangelism and edification.
  2. She has an enduring commitment to being a faithful responsible member of New Covenant Church as one of her strong leaders, passionate worshipers, Sabbath keepers and saints stimulator.
  3. She has a reputation for moral integrity and the ability to control one’s tongue, letting no unwholesome word proceed out of her mouth, but only such words as build up the church staff and church members. She pursues the holiness and purity of God intensely while embracing the sinners and saints of God for their edification.
  4. She is a woman who lives to shepherd the wandering sheep of God, always encouraging them to greater conformity to the image of Christ.
  5. She provides public loyalty to other church leaders and seeks to be a strong team servant for the growth and expansion of God’s kingdom among us.
  6. She is a woman of prayer (public and private), devoted to God’s word and his church. She is a generous giver, giving to the church out of the overflow of her devotion to Christ, instruction, counseling, love, prayer and service. The word of God richly dwells within her as her only infallible rule for faith and practice.
  7. She has a shepherd’s heart that seeks to engage everyone she meets with Christ and his church until they are fully incorporated into a covenantal community of believers that takes care of one another well according to the directions of Christ and for the glory of God.
  8. She has eyes and ability to identify and edify the visitor, outcast, hurting and lost. She cares for the whole family of God and the development of each one’s gifts. She is good at connecting those she meets and knows with the people of God for their full growth and well-being in Christ.
  9. She has a positive, flexible, teachable spirit, a good sense of humor, is dependable, responsible, self-motivated and a creative self-starter.
  10. She has a commitment to maintaining a respectable physical condition and self-discipline in personal habits, along with exemplary management of financial affairs which brings no shame to Christ or his church.
  11. She has excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills; ability to organize and administer information using computers and other technologies; and ability to develop them further as needed.
  12. As to team development, she is able to recruit, build and nurture volunteer teams to serve our guests and church and give them a red-carpet treatment.
  13. She has a winsome, warm, inviting personality that makes members and guests to our facilities feel very welcome.
  14. She is able to provide overall Christ-like care for people, able to resolve unexpected matters, able to plan and follow through on multiple assignments with attention to details, and able to work with weekly deadlines.
  15. She is willing to commit multiple years, Lord willing, to this position.


  1. Work with the senior pastor, elders, deacons and all other staff as co-laborer and servant in ministry. Take an observable lead in eagerly engaging visitors, welcoming them with cheerfulness, and communicating to them her desire to be of service to them.
  2. Assist in coordinating appropriate ministry events as a tool for the assimilation of the saints of God.
  3. Obtain and maintain attendance and engagement records, visitor directories, etc. that are useful for next steps in salvation, discipleship, sanctification and responsible church membership. Provide regular reports to the elders as needed.
  4. Oversee and maintain visitor information packets and distribution, lobby information center, and all appropriate brochures, booklets, property signage, and website pages as tools for assimilation, outreach, and spiritual growth of the body of Christ at New Covenant.
  5. Establish and maintain means and methods of appropriate visitor follow-up, new member introductions into the congregation, and report of new member involvement in discipleship classes and small groups.
  6. Recommend to the elders, deacons, staff or other leaders, appropriate shepherding needed in addition to what is being provided.
  7. Oversee and train church greeter teams and the whole church in whatever seems necessary to assist people in feeling comfortable with our ministries, place, purpose and personnel.
  8. Lead inquirers gatherings, desserts, membership classes, “pizza with the pastor,” etc. to engage our guests.
  9. Find ways to make at least “three touches” of each visitor in the first week of their visit (e.g. church conversations, personal greetings, emails, texts); in the second week, provide additional follow-up (e.g. telephone conversations, letter, invite to coffee, lunch, dinner, or gift card for a sandwich, a coffee, or a free shirt, mug, etc.). After 25-30 days an additional invite to something fruitful.
  10. Develop two places for every guest and church member to end up: in a small group, a regular worship service and in a ministry. Our guests are not incorporated into the church until they are whole-heartedly worshiping God and loving others in a way that makes a difference.
  11. Work to develop and maintain a family fellowship culture at New Covenant Church by keeping all of our church informed and encouraged with family life involvement.
  12. Develop, encourage, promote and oversee women’s Bible Studies, fellowship and ministry events, conferences and retreats for women.
  13. Along with our pastors, research and suggest study materials to appropriate parties as needed. Encourage leaders as necessary to ensure they have what they need to be fruitful.
  14. Promote and announce women’s ministries, counseling ministries, greeter ministries, events and studies in the church Connection (monthly news bulletin), on social media, at other events, etc. and with all other appropriate means. Seek whole church involvement in the life and ministry of the church.
  1. Check with the teachers of women’s ministries at least quarterly to see how their groups are going. Do one-on-one training as necessary. Keep a list of who is involved in a women’s Bible study so the leaders have prospects to invite, encouraging every leader to always have an outreach disposition. Meet with the teachers after the study has been completed to find out how it went. PRAY for the leaders and groups and let the teachers know you are rooting for them.
  2. Plan and coordinate quarterly women’s “whole-church” events.
    • Recruit a one-year committee of women to plan and carry out one event per quarter that is specifically for fellowship. Be in attendance at these and oversee and encourage those who have worked to make it happen. Keep this committee fresh with new leadership so new ideas and ministry are encouraged.
    • Advertise and promote the quarterly women’s events with Connection articles and flyers, sign up tables, word of mouth, etc.
    • Promote the women’s ministry on social media by getting pictures and posting after events.
  1. Oversee the food mercy ministry.
    • Make sure meals are offered to those in need.
    • Communicate and coordinate with the deacons all appropriate mercy ministry needs to those bereaved.
  1. Make sure the facilities are warm and welcoming to nursing mothers.
    • Oversee nursing mothers’ room.
    • Oversee and give direction for changing tables and women’s supplies in the women’s restrooms to keep these facilities inviting.
  1. Encourage and build a community outreach among the women by planning and hosting occasional women’s ministry conferences with speakers who would attract women who would otherwise not be involved.
  2. Establish a ministry process and understanding that encourages and helps people move from one-on-one counseling situations and discipleship ministry into small group ministry and vice versa.

Provide premarital counseling, situational long-term and short-term counseling for our members and guests as needed.


Annual Salary is commensurate with experience, education, and credentials ($45,000.00 to $60,000.00 range). Also included are health, life and disability insurance, three weeks paid vacation, cell phone allowance, discipleship ministry allowance, and an annual week of Continuing Education with financial allowance.

  1. Salary: TBD
  2. Benefits:
    • Insurance:FICA
    • Vacation: 3 weeks paid per year
  3. Allowances:
    • Staff ministry allowance: $1,100.00
    • Telephone allowance: $800.00
    • All expenses associated with conferences or church related event travel
    • Continuing Education expenses: $1,500.00


Guest Services Women’s Ministries Counselor Search Team

Process of Application

If you believe the gifts and experience God has given you are a good match for New Covenant Church, we invite you to begin the inquiry process. We will handle all candidate information and conversations confidentially. You may contact the Search Team at any stage of the process.

Please provide Krisy Mortenson via email a current resume or CV for review.

Please also send Krisy via email your response to the following:

  1. A brief biography including when and how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and what difference he makes in your life.
  2. What about the Guest Services Women’s Ministries Counselor position at New Covenant Church attracts you at this time in your life?
  3. Using what you have learned about New Covenant Church and New Covenant School from the website (, what challenges and opportunities do you see and what skills and experiences in your life lead you to believe that you can be an effective Guest Services Women’s Ministries Counselor at New Covenant Church?
  4. How do you describe your philosophy of ministry, counseling, your goals and passions in leading a church for God?

In the subject line of your email to Mrs. Krisy Mortenson (, write “GSWMC.”

Krisy will distribute what you send (Microsoft Word formats for written documents are preferable) to the Search Team upon receipt of your materials. They will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you again for your interest in the ministry of New Covenant Church and your willingness to explore a calling with us.

Application Deadline

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Full Time

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General Information

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New Covenant Church

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(864) 224-8724




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

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Anderson, SC

Description of Organization

Imagine a church where every member enjoys ministry for Christ. God is glorified in profession and practice; Christ is trusted and exalted; and the Holy Spirit is gifting and leading all God’s saints. With biblical theology, every member of the body is engaging others in genuine, loving community. That is New Covenant Church in Anderson, South Carolina.

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