General Information

Job Title:

Family Discipleship Pastor

Job Description:

Full-time elder/pastor with an emphasis on family & youth ministry. Exempt position with benefits.


1) Regular participation in elder duties:

Commitment to the careful handling of the Word of God, faithful engagement in prayer,

daily growth in grace, and obedience to the biblical call of discipleship.

Communication with other elders, ministry directors, and congregants.
Participation in corporate worship gatherings (e.g. occasional preaching, public reading, public praying, etc.).

2) Shepherding of CrossPointe (CP) youth and their families:

Organizing and implementing a strategy for teen discipleship.
Responsible for the overall health of the CP Teen Ministry.
Faithfully teaching God’s Word and discerningly applying biblical truths to daily life.
Personally developing discipleship relationships with teens.
Providing direction and accountability for teen mentors, including recruiting, equipping

and encouraging teen leaders.

Conduct youth leadership meetings.
Identify goals for the CP teen ministry and plan the year and coming years accordingly to

reach those goals with excellence.

Communicate spiritual truths on a weekly basis in both large and small group environments.
Provide biblical guidance and counseling.
Supporting parents in family discipleship.
Lead the CP teen ministry and all who encounter it in a way that is consistent with Biblical

teaching, the revelation of God in creation, and CrossPointe’s statement on human sexuality.

Attend CrossPointe Community Church as your regular home church.
Endorse the CrossPointe Community Church Constitution/Statement of Faith.
Manage, organize, and respond to emails, texts, and calls in a timely manner.
Ability to concentrate in a noisy environment, deal with frequent interruptions, juggle

multiple projects, meet deadlines and exercise independent judgment or other tasks.

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Position Qualifications:

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

CrossPointe Community Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(530) 221-4871





City, State

Redding, CA

Description of Organization

Non-Denominational church in Redding, California is hiring a Family Discipleship Pastor

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