General Information

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Facilities Maintenance Technician

Job Description:

General Overview
The Facilities Specialist is responsible for providing general maintenance care to campus properties. Properties include, but are not limited to: grounds, institutional buildings, housing units, vehicles, equipment, tools and machinery. Staff members are expected to maintain assigned tools, equipment, records and work areas, in an orderly, safe, clean and efficient manner. Seminary employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner with courtesy, integrity, and honesty. The Facilities Specialist reports directly to the Director of Operations.

Roles and Responsibilities
Grounds: All Facilities personnel are expected to maintain a clean and safe environment. Grounds duties include: trash awareness, reporting and pick-up; hazardous conditions awareness, reporting, security, and repair; maintenance of property landscaping, borders and amenities.

General Building Maintenance: All Facilities personnel are expected to maintain an awareness of the condition of buildings’ interiors and exteriors, report repair needs, and perform repairs and renovations as assigned and scheduled. Building maintenance duties include: cleaning, painting, carpentry, and maintenance of lighting, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.

Housing: Facilities personnel regularly work inside tenants’ homes. While working in occupied homes, staff must provide proper notification of their presence in the home, be able to provide approved identification, and provide a written record of the date, time, and reason for the visit. Facilities personnel are expected to maintain an awareness of the maintenance needs of housing units and report needs as observed, or as reported by tenants.

Maintenance Request Forms: Maintenance needs are reported through an electronic Maintenance Request Form (MRF). MRFs provide a record of maintenance functions and are an important part of effective and efficient service. MRFs are assigned to staff members on a rotating schedule. The Director of Operations, Maintenance Coordinator, or designated representative will assign MRFs. When an MRF is assigned, the assignee is required to address the request according to the following directives:

  1. Emergency requests:
    a. If applicable, contact the person making the request as soon as possible.
    b. Perform the work as soon as possible.
  2. Non-emergency requests:
    a. If applicable, contact the person making the request within 1 working day to discuss the need and repair schedule.
    b. Inform the Maintenance Coordinator that the request was received and discuss scheduling within 2 working days.
  3. After a work assignment is completed:
    a. Fill in the appropriate information on the printed MRF and mark it “Completed” at the top.
    b. Return the completed form to the Office Director for computer entry and filing.

Position Qualifications:

Competencies and Skills
Physical: Much of the Facilities work involves manual labor and requires good health and fitness to perform routine tasks. Staff may be required to work at heights on ladders, scaffolds or lifts, and lift heavy weights.

Knowledge: Facilities personnel should have basic knowledge in the areas of responsibility described above. Basic skills in troubleshooting, math, writing, computer use, and customer service are helpful in performing required tasks. The desire to learn and expand one’s knowledge and experience in areas related to Facilities management will be of great benefit to personal development and job performance.

Education and Experience Requirements
Education: High School Diploma or GED.

Experience: 5 years experience in construction or maintenance related field is preferred.

Credentials: Certifications, licenses, and recognitions of achievements in areas such as: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, welding, appliances, carpentry, or other maintenance related fields and trades are preferred but not required.

Hours and Benefits
All full-time employees are offered health insurance (if needed) and a retirement plan. Any benefits, holidays, etc. are available in the RTS Operating Manual or by contacting our Payroll and Benefits Administrator.
Salary is commensurate with experience and credentials. Please see employee manual for a description of benefits.

Application Deadline

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Full-time or part-time

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General Information

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Reformed Theological Seminary

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Jim Scott





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Jackson, MS

Description of Organization

Mission: The mission of Reformed Theological Seminary is to serve the church by preparing its leaders, through a program of graduate theological education, based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God, and committed to the Reformed faith.

Why RTS? Our goal is for RTS employees to have a sense of deep alignment between their work and who they are as an individual. We want each employee to feel a personal connection to their work and a true sense of purpose and calling. Your career at RTS is where your gladness and satisfaction meets our need. Additionally, the relocation of the Jackson campus represents a renewed investment in our faculty and staff, providing a more spatially efficient and unified campus experience with upgraded accessibility and infrastructure.

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