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Executive Director of Operations

Job Description:

About the Executive Director of Operations:

The Executive Director of Operations is a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and will lead the overall operations and administration of Christ Church.  This role will work closely with the Rector and other members of the ELT to implement our vision and values. The Executive Director will be a systems-oriented, decisive leader, capable of leading and directing teams and projects. He/She will ensure clarity of direction, simple yet effective solutions, and appropriate accountability focused on developing individuals and teams, all with a strong spirit of service and collaboration through relationships.

Key responsibilities include oversight of all day-to-day operations, including staff, financial reporting, communications, facilities, events, marketing, IT, legal, HR,  and other activities central to the function of the church. The Executive Director of Operations will lead and coach staff toward appropriate success within their roles, supporting the Rector in the practical integration and implementation of Christ Church’s mission and vision.

The Executive Director of Operations Will Achieve the Following: 

General Responsibilities

  • Be a strategic leader who will utilize business experience and acumen to oversee and develop all Operational aspects of Christ Church
  • Under the leadership of the Rector, help guide Christ Church in the pursuit of our mission: “We are called to be a people of changed lives in the heart of our city, mending our world for the praise of God’s glory.”

Staff Oversight

  • Set objectives and key deliverables to the Church Staff; monitor and evaluate progress.
  • Help equip, evaluate, and coach staff in key areas of personal development.
  • Champion a healthy and high-performance staff culture and team-building environment.


  • Direct and manage all financial, property, events, legal, administrative, IT, communications, policies, and HR affairs of the church.
  •  Be the “Chief Integrator” ensuring effective coordination, communication, and workflow systems between numerous ministries/personnel/departments.


  • Work with Rector on strategic planning and implementation of mission and vision.
  • Ensure operations, programs, and policies reflect the values of the church.
  • Recognize and embody the role of “culture maker” as a leader within the organization.
  • Demonstrate solid support for Rector.
  • Effective at building teams, leading teams, and serving as part of a team.

Position Qualifications:

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Undergraduate degree is required and a focus on Business Administration is preferred
  • 10+  years of professional experience in a related or comparable field.
  • Track record of success in managing, developing, and leading others.

Gifts & Expected Character Qualities:

  • Mature follower of Christ; exhibits the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
  • Demonstrates a heart for God and a love for people (Matt 22:37-40).
  • High level of integrity, an “above reproach” lifestyle, including home and personal life.
  • Spiritual Maturity that evidences itself to be a leader of leaders.
  • Humility in all aspects of leadership.
  • Leadership, Wisdom/Discernment, Administration.
  • Will become a member of Christ Church.

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Full Time

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General Information

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Vanderbloemen/ Christ Church

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(713) 300-9665




Anglican - Other

City, State

Austin, TX

Description of Organization

Meet Christ Church:

Christ Church began in the 1950’s when a handful of worshippers from St. David’s Episcopal church in downtown Austin saw the need to extend the witness of Christ to a growing edge of the city. In 2008, after a denominational realignment, we affiliated with what is now the Anglican Church of North America.  By God’s grace, we have cultivated a sacrificial and transformative community that shares joy and pain together, embodying our tagline, “No One Stands Alone”. We have also devoted ourselves to God in worship; sought to boldly share the gospel, act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God; hospitably welcomed newcomers, the lost, and lonely; generously given; and desired for our whole lives to be oriented around the praise of God’s glory and for the sake of others.

As part of the larger Anglican community, Christ Church became a charter parish in the founding of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO) in 2013. One of the ways Christ Church has advanced the gospel in the Austin metro area is through leadership development and church planting. Over the years, we’ve planted two churches and had the privilege of raising up, developing, and sending out lay leaders and clergy for service in other parishes around Austin and the nation. It gives us joy to see God continue to bring new growth, stretch our faith, deepen our devotion, and extend gospel grace to a lost and broken world.

Christ Church has always been centrally located with a call to the heart of the city of Austin. We began searching for a property in 2013, culminating in the 2015 purchase of our current location in the downtown Eastside. As we prepared to move to 112 Medina Street, Christ Church intentionally, thoughtfully, and prayerfully considered what it means to love and serve our downtown Eastside neighbors.

Our current location is situated in the heart of the city, with residential homes in one direction and skyscrapers in the other. Since our move into the Downtown Eastside in 2018, Christ Church has seen how this in-between location speaks to our call to seek the restoration of neighborhoods, individuals, and families, on the one hand, while engaging the intersections of faith, vocation, and culture on the other. The growing relationships with proprietors and institutions in the neighborhood have been a delight, just as it has been to welcome newcomers and experience community life together in that space. To our joy, and by God’s providence, we discovered after the purchase of the church building that our street name (Medina) is the Arabic word for “city,” our mission field.

As a community on mission together, the people of Christ Church live a gathered life and a scattered life. We gather at Medina Street for worship, discipleship, community, and are devoted to loving and serving where we live in our shared downtown Eastside neighborhood. Most days of the week, the people of Christ Church live scattered all over the Austin metro area in workplaces and homes, loving and serving where we live in our own residential neighborhoods.

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