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Job Title:

Discipleship Pastor

Job Description:


The Discipleship Pastor is a crucial member of our pastoral leadership team. His main focus will be training growing disciples who make new growing disciples. Specifically, he will develop, implement, and oversee an intentional and deep discipleship process as outlined below. In addition, he will oversee select staff and ministry leaders in adult ministry areas along with providing pastoral care. He will coordinate his activities with our lay elders, staff pastors, and ministry staff to ensure joyful alignment with our mission and distinctives.

Discipleship Oversight (75%)

  • Oversee current discipleship-oriented ministries: Equipping Classes, Life Groups, and men’s groups. This includes praying, planning, recruiting, training, implementing, and evaluating.
  • Develop and implement a new intentional discipleship process that blends biblical content and spiritual community in active learning environments.
  • Collaborate with leadership to cast vision, recruit and train team members, and execute the ongoing discipleship process.
  • Build and oversee a leadership development process that complements the overall discipleship pathways.
  • Regularly assess current church maturity and provide appropriate training.
  • Help ministry leaders adopt biblical discipleship principles and strategies in their ministries.
  • Ensure sound doctrine and biblical practices are taught in all discipleship environments.
  • Develop excellent processes and systems that support the discipleship process.
  • Participate in evaluation and approval processes for discipleship-oriented curriculum.
  • Oversee the discipleship schedule, keeping it harmonized with the master calendar.
  • Collaborate with other pastors and elders to execute special projects.

Staff and Ministry Oversight (10%)

  • Supervise select staff members to accomplish ministry objectives (Women’s Ministry Director, Children’s Ministry Director, and Student Ministries Director).
  • Develop staff members in spiritual maturity and ministry skill.
  • Ensure that pastoral care is provided for relevant staff and ministry leaders.
  • Consult with select ministry leaders and help them take their next ministry steps.
  • Perform select staff reviews and development plans including discipline when needed.
  • Perform select reviews and improvement plans with ministry leaders.
  • Keep staff and ministry leader job descriptions current through regular review and revision.

Sunday Services, Special Events, and General Pastoral Responsibilities (15%)

  • Participate regularly in segments of Sunday services and special ministries such as Fall Festival, Missions Week, conferences, or outreaches.
  • Provide pastoral care for members and attendees as required.
  • Provide pastoral leadership in various venues and activities.
  • Serve as pastoral representative on select committees as strategy requires.
  • Preach occasionally as requested by Lead Pastor.

Position Qualifications:

General Qualifications

  • Spiritual Devotion: A clear personal walk with Jesus Christ and an evident love for God.
  • Doctrinal Conviction: Doctrinal conviction and clarity, including strong agreement with our doctrinal statement.
  • Elder Qualifications: Christian maturity clearly reflecting biblical eldership (1 Tim 3:1–7; Titus 1:5–9; 1 Pet 5:1–4).
  • Relational Love: A warm love for others in the midst of organizational leadership.
  • Shepherding Discernment: Proven wisdom and pastoral instincts to shepherd staff and church members toward biblical sanctification.
  • Leadership Development: Ability to recruit and train ministry leaders for diverse ministries.
  • Organizational Leadership: Proficiency in organizational leadership with the skill to align ministries and systems with our mission.
  • Strategic Thinking: The skill to assess ministries, needs, and opportunities and take clear steps toward implementation and development.
  • Missional Innovation: Gospel-driven creativity and kingdom entrepreneurship flowing from biblical values.
  • Collaborative Spirit: The ability to work collaboratively with the Lead Pastor and all elders, pastors, staff members, ministry leaders, and volunteers.
  • Clear Communication: The skills to communicate well both in public and private with fellow elders, pastors, staff members, and the congregation.
  • Quality Control: Commitment to organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and improvement, while prioritizing biblical methods and loving relationships.
  • Logistical Proficiency: The skills to manage events, volunteers, and budgets.
  • Attention to Detail: Diligent attention to the small things that serve people well, reduce friction, and model excellence.

Additional Qualifications

  • Be or become a member of BridgePoint Bible Church.
  • Possess an M.Div. or equivalent from a like-minded evangelical seminary.
  • Pass a standard background check on an annual basis.
  • Have 5+ years of experience in vocational church ministry.
  • Have computer skills that allow for use of standard office software and the internet.


  • Member of the BridgePoint staff.
  • Supported by the Executive Assistant to the Pastors.
  • Supervised by the Lead Pastor.
  • Works daily with the pastoral leadership team.
  • Coordinates with leadership team including lay elders and staff pastors.
  • Supervises the Women’s Ministry Director, Director of Student Ministries, and Children’s Ministry Director.

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Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

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BridgePoint Bible Church

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(832) 448-1330





City, State

Houston, TX

Description of Organization

BridgePoint Bible Church is an independent Bible church established in 1933 and committed to the word of God, the gospel of Christ, the fellowship of believers, proactive discipleship, and an active witness in the world.

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