General Information

Job Title:

Director/Pastor of Youth Ministries

Job Description:

Characteristics of Work
This Department Head position serves to evangelize and disciple middle school and high school students and their families. His primary ministry focus will be toward students, and by extension to their families. He will therefore work closely with the pastors and staff in ministering to families. He and the other youth ministry staff do not replace the primary influencers of students (their parents), but they serve as strategic partners for parents. He seeks to be an expert in youth culture and discipleship, in order to assist parents and students during these often-challenging years.

If ordained, he will participate in supportive team fashion in all phases of the pastoral ministry to the congregation. This will include preaching, teaching, worship leadership, counseling, discipling, evangelizing, visitation, administration, weddings, funerals, or other pastoral duties as the Senior Pastor, Session, or congregational needs require. As a member of the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley, he will be expected to fulfill his obligations to Presbytery commitments

If currently in seminary, the position would be 30 hours/week during the school year and full-time in the summer.

Depending on ordination status, the salary range is between $50K-$70K.

Essential Functions

Daily/Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Manages the Youth Ministry Staff, seeking to build a close-knit team working together to reach and equip students for Christ.
  • Leads weekly staff meetings.
  • Meets one-on-one with youth staff to disciple and keep them accountable for tasks.
  • Reads and writes on youth culture and other ministry-related topics.
  • Organizes and attends semester studies for the weekly large group meetings and Sunday School. (This involves reading and researching teaching material, outlining chapters for small group leaders, recruiting and managing teachers throughout the semester, overseeing these activities to ensure they are on schedule, and students are where they need to be.)
  • Counsels students and parents.
  • Develops relationships with all students, through weekly activities and one-on-one meetings; communicates with the female staff on their relationships with and ministry to female students.
  • Communicates with the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) about the ministry, complying with its directives and bringing items that need Sessional approval through it.
  • Attends weekly Leadership Team meetings and Pastoral Prayer/Counseling meetings.

Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Reports to the monthly YMT meeting, assisting the chair in setting the agenda.
  • Attends church calendar planning meetings or designates Youth Ministry Coordinator.
  • Provides vision/direction of ministry for youth staff.
  • Attends Session meetings.
  • Plans/oversees calendar for youth ministry in coordination with Youth Ministry Coordinator.

Annual Responsibilities:

  • Recruits teachers for Sunday School and other studies.
  • Works with Youth Ministry Coordinator on logistics for all retreats and events.
  • Leads Parent Orientation: This educates parents on what the youth ministry is all about. It also informs and challenges parents on youth culture issues and the importance of discipling students in the midst of the culture.
  • Prepares and ensures compliance with the youth ministry budget, with input from Youth Ministry Coordinator.
  • Performs annual reviews of Youth Ministry staff and reports to personnel team.
  • Attends annual RYM Youth Leader Training Conference along with entire youth staff.

Please send resume and Ministerial Data Form to Anna Vinson at

Position Qualifications:

BS or BA Undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Pursuing or has acquired a Master of Divinity from an accredited Seminary.

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Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church

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(601) 956-3283




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Ridgeland, MS

Description of Organization

Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church exists to pursue transformation by truth and grace together for the glory of Christ, faithfully communicating all of God's inerrant word, gathering in the lost, and equipping the saints for active participation in ministry. We are an almost 50-year-old congregation just outside Jackson, MS. We have approximately 950 members, nearly a third of whom are below the age of 18. Our youth ministry has long been a strength of our church and we desire it to remain that way, so we are looking for a youth director/pastor with a passion to minister to middle school and high school students and the ability to lead a staff and volunteers.

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