General Information

Job Title:

Director or Pastor of Next Generation Ministries

Job Description:

The Director or Pastor of Next Generation Ministries has the responsibility of leading Church of the Atonement to equip our families for discipleship. Our desire is for this position to be filled with the right man or woman and so the position is open to ordained and nonordained candidates. This position, in conjunction with the Session and pastors, will cast a vision and lead Atonement’s family-centered discipleship for children 0-12th grade, and serve as a model of excellence for all ministries. Collaboration is a high value that we believe to be a manifestation of the Body of Christ, building unity, providing mutual encouragement, and displaying servant leadership. This position will supervise the Assistant Director of Children’s ministry (currently part-time) and Assistant Director of Youth ministry (future part-time position) and lead with them in recruiting, training, and mobilizing Atonement children and youth ministry teams, interns (as available), and congregation to support our Next Generation ministries.

Principal Responsibilities

Next Generation Ministries

  • Collaborate with ministry staff, interns, pastors, elders, and ministry teams pertaining to Next Generation ministries to develop and communicate a comprehensive and expanding discipleship strategy for families with children from birth through 12th grade.
  • Cultivate a ministry culture that is engaging, relevant, substantive, and fun.
  • Identify and/or develop conferences, classes, seminars, and events with a focus on spiritual formation for families and equipping parents and grandparents for discipling their children/grandchildren at every phase of development.
  • Candidate also to be responsible for Staff professional/ministry development
  • Provide pastoral care as needed, for children, youth and their families in conjunction with pastors.
  • Shepherd and facilitate families into deeper participation in the larger community and mission of COA.
  • Join with Session and staff to foster a ‘missional’ mindset in family ministry, encouraging and equipping families, youth and children for relational outreach.
  • Leverage technology to facilitate communication and teaching.
  • Organize and plan strategic communication (written, video, social media, etc.) to clearly “tell the story” of what God is doing in our Next Generation ministries.

Children/Youth Ministry

  • Give vision, direction, and oversight to children and youth ministry programs and staff.
  • Cultivate ministries to children and youth that are engaging, relevant, substantive, and fun.
  • Lead efforts to recruit, train, and mobilize ministry teams for Children and Youth ministries, encouraging personal, relational ministry to children and students through Sunday school, small groups, mentoring programs.
  • Share and coordinate teaching at children/youth gatherings and events.
  • Identify or develop special conferences, mission projects, and retreats to provide opportunities for the spiritual formation of our families.


  • Develop a strategy for team-driven, relational ministry and support.
  • Contribute to the collaborative ministry of COA in weekly staff meetings.
  • Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor and report to Session.
  • Be responsible for personal growth and ministry.
  • Participate as a full, active member of Church of the Atonement.
  • Prepare a yearly budget with the assigned elder(s) to be approved by Session.
  • Abide by COA’s Child Safety Policy.

Position Qualifications:

Attributes Required

  • A deep commitment to prayer, Christ, and gospel ministry
  • Can personally affirm their belief in the Westminster Standards
  • A passion to see people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ
  • An ability to cast a vision and implement a ministry of discipleship for families
  • Exceptional relational and communication skills
  • An outstanding ability to recruit, encourage and equip a team of servant leaders
  • An ability to mobilize people and catalyze momentum in family ministry
  • Spiritual vitality; a person of integrity and respectful of others
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills
  • A life-long learner

Preferred Experience and Education

  • 5+ years of vocational/ministry experience in children, youth and family ministries
  • Theology, ministry, or education degree
  • Experience using social media and various newer technologies to connect with kids, parents and larger church for communication and instruction.
  • Experience ministering in multi-ethnic, urban/suburban communities valued
  • Education/training in languages (especially in Spanish) or ESOL training/education valued
  • Ordained/non-ordained candidates will be considered.


Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:

Salary commensurate with experience and education, with consideration for cost of living.

General Information

Church/Organization Name

Church of the Atonement

Contact Name & Contact Info

(202) 656-5434




Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP)

City, State

Silver Spring, MD

Description of Organization

The Presbyterian Church of the Atonement in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area is creating a new position for a Director or Pastor of Next Generation Ministries to lead family discipleship in our diverse, urban church.

We believe the Church is called to shepherd people of all ages into mature faith by gospel-driven transformation. As a church, Atonement has a vision for cultivating flourishing, multi-generational discipleship. An integral part of this vision is found in God's instruction to His people in Deut. 6:4-9. These verses speak to the necessity of spiritual formation through family discipleship. In particular, God commands His people to live in His love, learn His instruction, and teach their children to do the same. While the family is God's primary means for evangelism and discipleship for our children, the Church also plays an important role.

In addition to providing opportunities for instruction, spiritual formation, and service for children and youth, we also recognize the importance of investing in our families by equipping parents and grandparents to live into their calling and pass the faith on to the next generation.

The hope for our Next Generation ministries is to be gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, biblically- saturated, Spirit-led, deeply supported through inter-generational relationships of the church, and eagerly reaching out to the community through its families. These ministries should be defined by the following characteristics:

  • welcoming, fun, meaningful and safe environments for all activities
  • broad and effective “in-reach” to our kids and families and outreach to the community supportive to parents as they encourage children toward spiritual maturity
  • produces disciples of Jesus that visibly live out their faith
  • positive, consistent, and effective communication with parents, congregation, and community
  • winsomely reformed

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