General Information

Job Title:

Director of Worship Ministries

Job Description:

The Director of Worship Ministries, reporting to the Executive Director of Grace Toronto (hereinafter called GT), would be a gospel – centred, missional, prayerful, leader, responsible for shepherding the musical ministry of GT.  This Director would have a heart for the city, and for ministering in a deeply urban context.

Primary Areas of Responsibility and Accountability They would be responsible for, among other things, these primary objectives:

  1. Worship Leading, Discipling and Planning: This leader would be responsible for musical worship on Sunday mornings and at other services and events, and be expected to manage and expand our large cohort of musicians and multiple congregations. They would be expected to lead strategically and logistically with appropriate planning and vision, communication and scheduling, training and appreciation and personal mentoring of key worship lay leaders, so that worship at Grace Toronto is dynamic, theologically robust, spiritually and emotionally engaging, and spiritually challenging, prophetic and sanctifying for the congregation. They would be expected to musically train and coach, themselves and others to live out the theological vision of GT for the church, in their particular ministry of worship. They would model passionate and thoughtful worship leading for their musicians, and help disciple musicians to excellence not only musically, but spiritually and in leading a congregation into worship.
  2. Musical Excellence: This leader is able to play with excellence and lead teams to do the same. The leader would be expected to not only audition musicians, but also train musicians to greater levels of excellence when needed.
  3. Creating a culture of Worship. This leader will have a desire to lead and disciple the congregation in the centrality of worship to all of the Christian life, and help the church in all her ministry activities to foster a renewed culture of love of worship, increasing spiritual maturity and deeper understanding, both theologically and experientially, of the centrality and beauty of worship, both corporate and individual. This leader would be expected to remain conversant both with the rich tradition of psalms, hymns, poems and songs that have been passed down to us, but also the vibrant unfolding riches of the present generation of worship music and leadership God is giving to the church, to help mature the congregation in both the riches of the past and the beauties of the present.

Position Qualifications:

Biblical Standards of Living

The suitable candidate would have met the biblical standards of probity of life and consistency of conduct as befits a mature Christian leader, as set out in our Employee Manual and in the criteria for leaders described in 1 Timothy and Titus. They would be comfortable with and aligned to our system of doctrine and practice, as elucidated in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Presbyterian Church in America Book of Church Order.

Doctrinal Standards of the church

They would be comfortable with our expression of the role of men and women in both ministry and life; notably, our commitment to an irenic expression of biblical complementarianism and elder-led ecclesiology.

Gifted in leading and loving the team God has given them, and the God who calls us to worship

They would be gifted in leadership, inter-personal relationships, team building and public communication. They would have experience and a fruitful track record in personally discipling people in a broad spectrum of contexts. They are able to work collaboratively in an entrepreneurial environment, and have the ability to lead teams to musical excellence and spiritual growth. They would have a passion for mentoring musicians into worship leaders, and they would know the difference between those two.

Prior Experience

Exceptional candidates would also have some of these prior experience or accomplishments: formal theological education/ training; formal musical training; prior ministry experience in worship ministry leadership; prior experience in starting a ministry, business venture, or other social/ ministry initiatives.

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Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Grace Toronto Church

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(416) 860-0895




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Toronto, ON

Description of Organization

Grace Toronto Church is a gospel-centred, evangelical church in the heart of Toronto.  Planted in the early 90’s with help from Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC, Grace Toronto has gone through several phases in its history.  Grace Toronto was replanted in 2006, and is presently a vibrant, multicultural, multi-generational church in the city with a heart for church planting, the arts, mercy and justice, and cooperataive ministry for the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom.

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