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Director of Worship Ministries

Job Description:


Lakeside Evangelical Presbyterian Church Brandon, MS.


The Worship Director will be responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive music program at Lakeside. You will be responsible for crafting worship services in collaboration with the Pastor, for both the contemporary and traditional worship services. In addition, you will be responsible for musical oversight on special occasions (i.e., Christmas, Easter, weddings, funerals) and other music ministry as needed.


Qualifications for the Director shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Being a believer in Jesus, who shows evidence of God’s grace in your life.*
  • Being a peacemaker who is self-reflective of your own sin and is humbled by grace.*
  • Possessing the abilities to:
    • Lead God’s people in singing vocally*
    • Read music and direct a choir.*
    • Lead a contemporary worship band.*  
    • Play piano and/or guitar is preferred.  
    • Work with instrumentalists, vocalists, AV technicians, and music program volunteers. 
    • Organize and communicate well. (You will need to be able to work weeks ahead)
    • Work within a budget.
    • Manage sound, lighting, and worship slide projection in the worship service.
  • Possessing a knowledge of traditional and contemporary worship music genres.*
  • Showing theological wisdom to recognize “rich” worship songs.*
  • Exhibiting theological wisdom to avoid “shallow” songs that don’t edify.* 
  • Having a familiarity with software programs (Planning Center, ProPresenter). 
  • Holding Bachelor’s degree is expected.  (Preferably in the field of music).   


* 5-10 years experience is expected in these areas. 


  • Our worship leader is expected to be deeply involved with the faith community at Lakeside including: 
    • Being involved in small groups when possible.
    • Being pastoral and looking for opportunities to pray with people.   
  • Meet with our Senior Pastor weekly to plan the thoughtful worship of God.
  • Participate in weekly staff meeting with a genuine concern for all areas of the church;
  • Prepare and direct the choir (weekly rehearsals & communication) including:
    • Ordering music for choir and organizing existing choral music.
    • Working to prepare special musical solos and ensembles.    
  • Prepare and lead the Worship Team (weekly rehearsals & communication);
  • Manage the pianist and organist, any paid vocalist, and AV operators. 
  • Coordinate weekly worship media such as:
    • Organizing A/V – schedule sound board operator and video operator weekly.  
    • Preparing slides for worship services (songs, creed, prayers, etc.)
    • These functions would be also expected for special services (funeral, wedding, other)
  • Maintain church instruments (scheduling tuning and repairs as needed)
  • Maintain, replace, and schedule repairs for sound and media equipment
  • Oversee the upkeep of worship equipment (robes, music literature, band instruments, etc.)
  • Chair the Worship Committee which meets 6x annually.  


  • The Worship Director position at Lakeside is a 30-40hr per week position.    
    • Base salary and benefits are negotiable and reviewed annually.  
  • The Worship Director is allowed 4 Sundays off annually, and is expected to make arrangements for excellence in worship in your absence.  
  • The Worship Director shall report to the head of staff/pastor.  
  • Elders will oversee an annual performance review for the Worship Director.

Position Qualifications:

See Job Description.

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Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Lakeside Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(601) 992-2835




Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

City, State

Brandon, MS

Description of Organization

Lakeside is gospel driven, mission centered, family of believers.  Located in the Ross Barnett Reservoir area of Brandon, MS just outside of Jackson.  Lakeside is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).  As church we value being reformed, missional and evangelical.   Our membership is currently growing with just below 500 members and an average worship attendance of around 300 people weekly.  

We have two different worship services at Lakeside.  Our 8:30am worship service includes a choir of about 25 voices, an organist, a pianist, and often times other gifted musicians from the congregation. The Order of Worship in the 8:30 service includes things such as:  The Apostles Creed, The Gloria Patri, and The Lords Prayer. Our 11:00 service is more of a “Reformed Contemporary Style” with guitars, drums, base, keys and vocals.  We value a theological richness in our contemporary music stylings. 

Lakeside has an active children’s and youth ministries and an outreach to Belhaven College.  Lakeside is a solid multi-generational church.  We have active participation from people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’ and so on.

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