General Information

Job Title:

Director of Ministries

Job Description:

The Director of Ministries ensures that the vision and mission of the church is executed throughout its various ministries.

Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as Chief of Staff for all ministry departments
  • Ensure ministries are executed with excellence and consistent with its created intention and vision of the church.
  • These ministries include discipleship, digital and in person services, prayer ministry, worship, children’s and youth ministry, pastoral care, workshops, and all aspects of community (groups and gatherings), evangelism, social media, and ministry initiatives to the neighborhood (food pantry, etc.)
  • Assist lead pastor to accomplish and implement his strategic objectives
  • Assess health and needs of ministries and communicate them to lead pastor
  • Create a monthly marketing strategy for the church
  • Create systems that will maximize the church’s fruitfulness and efficiency.
  • Manage the financial functions of the church, YTD financial updates, and ensure ministries stay within their budget
  • Oversee administration and operations
  • Coordinate all leadership team meetings

Position Qualifications:

  • Sufficient experience on a leadership team within a church, non profit or for profit company
  • Ability to supervise staff and understand, motivate, and support ministry leaders
  • Strong biblical foundation for wise management in a church setting
  • Maintain a godly lifestyle and pursue the way of Jesus.
  • Enjoy taking initiative and getting things done.
  • Be highly organized
  • Have a bias towards action and solutions.
  • Reflect the servant leadership found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Submit to the elders of the church, and in all things to Christ who is the Head of the church.
  • Depend on God for the effectiveness of your ministry.
  • Serve the Lord and his church with humility, gladness, and expectation.

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Part Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

New Hope Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(978) 380-0901





City, State

New York, NY

Description of Organization

We are a multicultural church in Harlem/Hamilton Heights, NY. We are a church plant that launched on March 1st, 2020. Our affiliations include City to City, Acts 29, Confluence Churches, and Stadia.

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