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Job Title:

Director of Family Ministries

Job Description:

  • Crate effective mechanisms for engaging uncharted families (birth through 6th grade) in the greater Mason area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Create and oversee an effective assimilation pathway/process for connecting new families to the community of God’s people at North Cincinnati Community  Church.
  • Create and lead an effective ministry plan to “equip and assist families in nurturing mature followers of Christ,” including specific goals and strategies.
  • Consistently recruit and develop a team of servant-leaders (teachers, volunteers, staff, older students, etc.) who assist families in nurturing mature followers of Christ at home.
  • Select, evaluate and implement curriculum that is theologically sound, pedagogically effective and teacher friendly.
  • Oversee weekly Children’s Church (ages 3-K) program and parent volunteers.
  • Plan and execute special outreach/fellowship events.
  • Enforce policies and procedures in compliance with State & insurance requirements, and update as needed.
  • Promote and maintain ministry presentation excellence, including decor, cleanliness, order, safety, and signage.

Position Qualifications:

  • Four-year college degree.
  • Previous teaching and ministry experience.
  • Previous administration/director experience.
  • Seminary student or graduate.
  • This position has the potential to be an ordained role based on need/desire.

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General Information

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North Cincinnati Community Church

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City, State

Mason, OH

Description of Organization

North Cincinnati Community Church is located in Mason, Ohio.  We exist to glorify God by making and deploying mature and equipped followers of Christ for the sake of personal, family, community, and global transformation.  We carry out this mission by engaging the uncharted where we live, work and play; connecting newcomers to the community of God's people; establishing members in the faith through life-on-life missional discipleship; and deploying servant-leaders for a life of kingdom-impact.  As we go about our mission there are several values that are most important to us:

  • Practicing indiscriminate LOVE regardless of social, economic or racial status.
  • Demonstrating personal, family, organizational, financial, and leadership INTEGRITY.
  • Living by FAITH in Christ and attempting faith-oriented goals in an environment of innovation and change.
  • Speaking and proclaiming the TRUTH regardless of the consequences.
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