General Information

Job Title:

Director of Evangelism – Grace Athletics Ministry

Job Description:

The Director of Evangelism is responsible for developing, coordinating, implementing, supervising and evaluating all ministry programs and initiatives designed to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and outreach within the ministry of Grace Athletics at Grace Evangelical Church focusing on coaches and players.

  • Assist the Executive Director of Athletics by creating and updating evangelism tools and curriculum for use by each team with its players during practices.
  • Establish devotional materials to be used by coaches, parents and devotion leaders and actively evaluate their impact throughout the various sport seasons.
  • Develop and implement regular and frequent outreach opportunities to grow relationships with teams’ designated spiritual coaches within each sport, equipping each of them to minister to his/her team.
  • Attend assigned athletic games and activities on a regular basis and interact with fans, parents, coaches re-emphasizing the mission, values and purposes of Grace Athletics.
  • Discern the needs of Grace Athletics’ participants with intent to shepherd them and convey pertinent ministries of Grace Evan to meet those needs.
  • Other responsibilities and/or duties as assigned by Executive Director of Grace Athletics.
  • Carry out all tasks assigned by the Evangelism Zone in an effort to directly enhance and strengthen the true mission of Grace Athletics – relational and intentional evangelism.

Position Qualifications:


  • Be a growing, maturing follower of Jesus
  • Agree in totality with the core values of Grace Evangelical Church
  • Use his/her best efforts in helping Grace Evangelical Church carry out our mission statement
  • Be a team player and work well with others
  • Able to work with and communicate to all ages, ethnicity and socioeconomic background
  • Possess excellent organizational skills
  • Be proactive in developing events and programs that foster evangelism opportunities

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Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Grace Evangelical Church

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(901) 756-7136





City, State

Germantown, TN

Description of Organization

Grace Evangelical Church exists to reach an unchurched world through maturing believers!

We have a strong desire to proclaim the salvation message of Jesus Christ with the world around us and to make known the hope of eternal life that is found in His redemptive story. We believe the best way to reach the world is through people who have made a genuine commitment to Jesus themselves and are growing in their relationship with God. We believe the beauty of the Gospel is that God redeems and transforms lives for the sole purpose of pointing others to the finished work of Christ.

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