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Director of Children’s Ministries

Job Description:

Job in 3 WORDS: Cultivate Covenant Connections.

Do you know that children’s ministry is more than pizza & puppets? Do you know that being MORE THAN pizza & puppets doesn’t mean you dislike pizza OR puppets (okay, maybe puppets, but you get the idea…)? Can you curate a curriculum that brings kids face to face with Jesus? Can you inspire volunteers to dream of seeing kids who never remember a day they didn’t love Jesus or His Bride? Can you make teaching engaging and deep? Can you lead leaders? Can you recruit volunteers? Can you work 40+ hours a week and love it?
The official job description says, “Leading and Inspiring others to cultivate covenant connections is your job. Connecting with children, parents and church members is your passion. Your goal is to connect covenant children to Jesus, connect the church family with our covenant children and resourcing parents to lead the most important children’s ministry program at MHC: parenting. Success will look like our Covenant children entering Middle School with a true understanding of what it means for them to worship, connect and serve.”

• Organized and planned
• Visionary and inspiring
• Engaging and creative
• Energetic and thoughtful • Flexible and easy-going • Repentant and forgiving • Hard-working and tireless

PROFILE: We are looking for a passionate Children’s Ministry professional who can see the bigger picture of Children’s ministry. This candidate should be sympathetic to PCA sensibilities and be able to collaborate with others in developing new curriculum, determining the scope and sequence of all Children’s Christian Education material and leading engaging events.

Position Qualifications:

This full-time, exempt position will report to the Executive Director of MHC and oversee ’seasonal’ interns (summer and breaks). Full-time employees should expect 40+ hours a week, access to competitive benefits and to be part of a “no-egos allowed” AMAZING TEAM. The KEY to long-term ministry success will be high energy, hard work and intentionally cultivated adult relationships within the church. Children’s ministry is a core focus area for MHC and as such programming dollars, promotional collateral as well as facility space is allocated with this in mind.

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Full Time

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General Information

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Madison Heights Church, PCA

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(601) 605-9929




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Madison, MS

Description of Organization

Madison Heights Church located in Madison, Mississippi is an 850+ member church where our mission is to "be a refuge to broken people where we experience the grace of Christ and express the truth of the gospel."

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