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Director of Admissions and Recruiting

Job Description:


The position of Director of Admissions and Recruitment (DA) will report to the Executive Director of the RTS Dallas campus and VP of Enrollment Management and is designed to oversee recruiting, admitting, and ministering to prospective students for the Master of Divinity degree program and the Master of Arts (Theological Studies) degree program at the Dallas campus. This position will also oversee the overall campus enrollment, with a view toward greater retention of students. The DA may be called upon to assist in some of student development areas and in the personal assessment and spiritual formation of the seminary students. 


  • Review applications, interview prospective students, and admit qualified students.
  • Travel for the primary purpose of recruiting students and meeting with influential contacts (pastors/alumni) in the geographic areas from which RTS Dallas draws students. States of interest include Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, and New Mexico.
  • Cultivate close relationships with local and regional college campus ministers, especially RUF campus ministers.
  • Represent RTS at regional presbyteries and denominational gatherings at which attendees fit the RTS recruiting demographic.
  • Plan recruiting trips, lunches, and dinners.
  • Plan campus events for prospective students and active students.
  • Offer a recruiting presence when possible at faculty speaking engagements.
  • Promote campus visibility by coordinating recruiting/speaking engagements on behalf of RTS Dallas at churches, universities, conferences, and at-large opportunities.
  • Coordinate with Institutional Communications to maintain a current, strategic internet (web pages and social media) presence.
  • Assist, when possible, prospective students and active students needing help with housing, jobs, and other issue which would affect their ability to attend RTS.
  • Assist, when called upon, in academic advising.
  • Assist with the financial aid process of individual students.
  • Collaborate with other campus Directors of Admissions and Recruiting to effectively represent RTS. 


  • This position is a full-time position. All full-time employees are offered health insurance (if needed) and a retirement plan. Details of all benefits, work hours, holidays, etc. are available in the RTS Operating manual or by contacting our Payroll and Benefits Administrator. 

Position Qualifications:


  • Christian maturity and godly character
  • Committed to the historic standards of the Reformed faith
  • A commitment to RTS’s vision to impact the world through seminary training grounded on biblical fidelity, confessional integrity, academic excellence, and spiritual growth.
  • Ability to shepherd individuals as they discern their calling to ministry, mindful of their respective strengths and weaknesses.
  • Humble collegiality
  • Ability to speak in public settings
  • Competence in administrative work
  • Task-oriented
  • IT competencies regarding admissions and database work
  • Willingness to travel

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Full Time

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General Information

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RTS Dallas

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(214) 295-8589




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City, State

Dallas, TX

Description of Organization

Rooted in Biblical fidelity, confessional integrity, academic excellence, and spiritual growth, the purpose of Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) is to serve the church in all branches of evangelical Christianity, especially the Presbyterian and Reformed family, by preparing its leaders, with a priority on pastors, and including missionaries, educators, counselors, and others through a program of theological education on the graduate level, based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God, the sixty-six books of the Bible, and committed to the Reformed faith as set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

Originally started in Jackson, Mississippi, RTS now operates programs on 7 campuses in addition to a robust global, online system. RTS Dallas (est. 2017) represents the seminary’s newest endeavor, combining the resources of its Houston campus to serve the growing church in Texas and beyond.

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