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Cornerstone Presbyterian Church is seeking a pastor who will serve as the shepherd of this congregation in Ackley, IA. We are looking for a man who will preach faithfully and teach clearly from God’s Word, will lead us in worship each week, will be available to those in times of need, and will help the Session in planning how together we can faithfully serve our Lord. We are seeking a pastor who will help oversee the involvement of this church in ministry to this community and while he is a sinner, because of God’s grace in his own life, who will live as an example of what it means to seek to follow Christ more faithfully today than yesterday and more closely tomorrow than today.

As the church continues to reach out with the Good News of the Gospel, we are praying for a man who will encourage us and challenge us as we step out to follow the Lord, who will pray for us and who will love us.

We are seeking a pastor who will be involved in general administrative duties which are the everyday decisions carrying out the long-term plans which we hope he will help us cast together as we seek to follow and serve our Lord.

If he is married, we want him to love and spend time with his wife and their children, as together, he and his spouse raise those children for the Lord.

Because this area is one where we know young families need church homes, recognizing that they are often so hard to reach, we want him to be helping us find ways that we can together reach out to and minister to those people.

Because ministry is a task which never ends, we want him to spend time every day with the Lord in His Word and in prayer and regularly to rest.

Our pastor will have the assistance of a secretary and of elders and deacons. We want a pastor who will help us work together in a way which will glorify our Lord. Because we live in a world which is constantly changing, we seek a pastor who will help us choose wisely what things stay the same and which changes will help us serve our Lord together in a world which alters so quickly.

Position Qualifications:

Keeping the job description we have given in mind, we are seeking a pastor who knows and loves the Lord, trusting in Jesus Christ as his own personal Savior, who has a Shepherd’s heart and who has seminary training which equips him in the following areas:

WORSHIP LEADERSHIP: Pastor and Session work to develop a rich worship life, educating the congregation for meaningful participation.

TEACHING RESPONSIBILITY: Pastor accepts an active teaching role, interpreting and teaching the Scriptures, theological concepts, history of the Church and current events; provides instruction for Church Officers; educational leaders, and confirms new members.

HOSPITAL OR EMERGENCY VISITATION: Those in hospitals or emergency situations are regularly visited; network developed to keep pastor and others informed of crisis situations; needs of ill or bereaved are met.

CONGREGATIONAL FELLOWSHIP: Emphasis placed in developing fellowship, helping members to know one another; groups encouraged which give members the opportunity to love and support one another.

DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROGRAM: Session and pastor identify the educational needs of persons of all ages and backgrounds, developing programs to meet needs; church education supported; educational goals are congruent with the total mission of the Church.

While not listed above, we have a deep longing that our pastor will have a heart for a younger generation and will lead us in actively reaching out to youth and young families.

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Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

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319-240-9101 or 319-939-4806 or



Presbyterian Church in America

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Ackley, IA

Description of Organization

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church is a PCA Church in Iowa Presbytery. Cornerstone is a congregation which has been here for a short time, but its roots go back to two congregations which saw each other across one corn field. Until 2016 it was West Friesland and Faith Presbyterian Churches.

West Friesland began in this country in 1873. In 1874, the church was built for $685. Many of the church records were destroyed by fire in the 1870's. In 1908, the Church was remodeled but continued that remodeling in 1924 when a tornado ripped the tower from the Church. The manse was built in 1928. it was a congregation which sought to serve the Lord faithfully. In 1973, the Ackley World-Journal chronicled the life of this congregation by describing where it had been in the past: "The history of West Friesland Church has been one of consecrated service to God and mankind."

Faith Presbyterian began as East Friesland Church in 1866, building its first parsonage the year it began. From its beginning, it was a church which took the Great Commission to its heart. By 1940, the missions budget for East Friesland was $55,000 from a total budget for that year of $132,000. While it's easy to look beyond those numbers without letting them sink in, it would be good to pause for a moment to consider this. $55,000 given in 1940 is the equivalent of the church giving $990,000 to missions in 2018.

Before we let ourselves assume it to be an early generation megachurch, records from that year show East Friesland to have 220 members. It was a church which sought to do all possible to share the gospel.

As years passed, both of these congregations left the denomination where their early roots had been because they each observed ways that their denominational home had drifted from the Gospel. On separate times, each landed in what was then a young denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America.

On December 11, 2016, after several years of working out details and sharing a pastor, these two congregations joined together and formed Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the PCA. Knowing that it is by God’s grace we are saved, and by His grace we live each day, we are looking ahead for how we can follow Him closely and serve Him faithfully.

While the congregation has varied in size over the many generations it has existed, it is currently a congregation of 110. In more detail, the congregation consists of the following:

Average attendance: 60
# of Adults over 65: 30
# of Adults under 65: 20
# of teens : 5
# of children: 5

A detailed study of the area was an 8 ½ mile circle around the church was done by Percept Group in 2018 which indicates there are 4,589 people in the area so close to this church. Primary current denominational affiliation of people in area are:

Catholic 21.7% - Methodist 14.3% - Lutheran 19.4% - Baptist 12.3% - Presbyterian/Reformed 4.3%

20.9% of the people within miles of this church are seeking a good church. 15.4% of people are seeking spiritual teaching.

That study also indicates that by 2023 the number of people often referred to as Generation Z (born 2002 and later) is projected to increase from 19% today to 25% of the people within 8½ miles of Cornerstone. Because of that, we are seeking to actively minister more faithfully and reach out more fully to that generation while we continue to minister to those already members of this congregation.

Additional aspects of that study indicate that people in the area prefer Church architecture which is both traditional and contemporary. As the congregation seeks to advertise, local newspaper and local radio are two methods most people in area would find least offensive and most useful.

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