General Information

Job Title:

Coordinator of Women’s Ministry

Job Description:

We seek an emotionally mature woman to lead our ministry to women. This person must be able to work well with our existing staff and leadership and coordinate both large and small events.  She will be expected to identify, recruit and train new leaders. She is expected to love the vision of our church and represent us well both inside and outside the church.

Primarily we need someone with developed and demonstrated leadership skills. She will be expected to form a vision for our women’s ministry that aligns with the overall vision of our church and follow through with bringing that vision into reality.

To accomplish that goal, she will need to be very good at delegating responsibility, working with the women’s care team, and raising up the next generation of leaders for that team.

We need someone who is an excellent connector. She will be expected to identify new, marginal, and hurting women in our congregation and to help work them into the fabric of our community where they can find healing and acceptance.

She needs to have the freedom to dedicate herself to this full-time job and the maturity to maintain healthy boundaries between work and life. She needs to have demonstrated healthy relationship skills and contentment with who God has made her. She should be comfortable speaking in front of large and small groups and able to teach.


  • Lead the women’s care team and develop rising leadership.
  • Foster spiritual growth through prayer and teaching.
  • Plan events and create spaces for women to foster fellowship.
  • Encourage prayer as an honest dialogue between God and his daughters. Be available during worship as a resource for prayer, along with the pastors.
  • Listen to the needs of women and provide sound and empathetic counsel.
  • Provide to the church community access to human resources (Deacons Benevolence, Women’s Care Team, Community Groups, Plumbline).
  • Reach out and connect to women who are new to, or on the margins of, RiverOaks.
  • Manage the Women’s Ministry budget, make spending decisions and facilitate reimbursements for Women’s Care Team expenses.

Position Qualifications:


  • Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with the church’s staff and leadership
  • Compassionate and nurturing to those who are hurting or grieving, including women who may be vulnerable to being forgotten or overlooked
  • Dependable and a self-starter


The right candidate for this position will ultimately show a heart for ministering to women, provide evidence of wisdom and biblical knowledge, and demonstrate a keen understanding of her need for Christ, believing in His sanctifying grace.

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

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RiverOaks Presbyterian Church

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(918) 949-8898




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Tulsa, OK

Description of Organization

RiverOaks Presbyterian is a growing church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a mission to “invite people into healing communion with Jesus.” Our long-term goal is to plant a family of churches that fulfills needs for love, family, grace, and acceptance. Our core values are Grace, Restoration, Transparency, Friendship and Jubilee.

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