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College Ministry Intern

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Tenth Presbyterian Church’s college ministry, Tenth College Fellowship (TCF), has developed an internship program designed to provide opportunities for young adults to minister to undergraduate students at the colleges and universities in Philadelphia. TCF’s goal is to create a team of men and women who will reach many undergraduate students with the gospel, and help these students establish their faith by participating in the life of our church. 

TCF interns will spend 10-15 hours per week working with the college ministry. These hours will be spent participating in the following activities: 

  1. Initiate and cultivate regular discipleship meetings with undergraduate students.
  2. Attend and periodically lead the weekly TCF Sunday Bible study. 
  3. Attend the weekly Tenth service that has the highest concentration of college students.
  4. Attend and lead campus Bible studies, TCF Friday Night events, retreats, and other TCF activities.
  5. Attend all intern meetings, as well as a regular meeting with the College Director.

Our desire is that this program not only provides avenues for God’s people to serve the Church, but also prepares our interns for future ministry, whether that be vocational ministry or ministry as laypeople. It is also our hope that this internship will create many opportunities for our interns to grow in doing the work of the saints and to test if their desire is to pursue full-time ministry in the future.

TCF interns will receive either housing or a stipend as compensation during the internship, depending on the circumstances. This will be discussed with the College Director. For interns who receive housing as their compensation, they will be sharing an apartment with other interns of the same gender in Center City.

Position Qualifications:

One of the most important aspects of the TCF intern position is a willingness to be an “older sibling” in Christ for the students who are a part of TCF. Because of this, it is important for TCF interns to demonstrate signs of a growing and vital relationship with Christ. TCF interns are also expected to join Tenth as members in order to place themselves under the church’s guidance and care as they continue to grow. TCF interns are also asked to commit to consistently praying for the Lord to bless their growth in holiness and witness, and for the Lord to bless the growth and witness of the TCF ministry among the campuses of Philadelphia.  

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Tenth Presbyterian Church

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(630) 352-9526




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

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Philadelphia, PA

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Tenth Presbyterian Church is located in Philadelphia, and has been committed to the goal of declaring God's Word to Philadelphia and beyond since 1829.

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