General Information

Job Title:

Church Planting Pastor

Job Description:

The Harvest Church Planting Pastor is intended to lead efforts at establishing a vibrant Reformed church in the Wayland-Dorr-Moline corridor through preaching, training, evangelism, and leadership. Overseen by the Harvest Session, the Church Planting Pastor is responsible for:


Preaching & Teaching

  • Preach regularly at the South Church Plant
  • Preach occasionally at Harvest OPC (while South Plant is still in mission status)
  • Disciple the Church Plant through prayer and Bible Studies
  • Lead regular prayer meetings with the Church Plant Group
  • Establish a discipleship structure for members of the church plant

Evangelism and Training

  • Train group members in community engagement and evangelism
  • Model personal evangelism
  • Equip and support group members in establishing evangelistic efforts 

Leadership & Administration 

  • Help with administrative details related to the church plant (building, website, office, denominational paperwork, etc.)
  • Attend regular Session meetings
  • Attend Weekly Staff Meetings at Harvest

Position Qualifications:

Gifts and Competencies

  • Must be able to preach expository, Christ-centered, gospel-saturated preaching
  • Must be committed to the mission and vision of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Harvest Church
  • Must have gifts in discipleship and training
  • Must display an aptitude to preach and lead worship
  • Must be able to teach
  • Must demonstrate a proficiency in written communication
  • Must have proven discipline and flexibility to prioritize and execute vital ministries
  • Must be able to enlist, coordinate, and lead volunteer efforts to accomplish large and small projects well
  • Must exhibit an eagerness to and a pattern of sharing the gospel with unbelieving persons
  • Must be comfortable working as part of a team
  • Must have history of handling interpersonal conflicts according to biblical principles 


  • Must be a man of God, showing clear evidences of a true devotion to the Lord and a passion for the cause of Christ
  • Must be a man characterized by humility. He must be teachable and able to receive feedback in a godly way
  • Must be characterized by love– a genuine love for his own wife (if married), a devoted fatherly love for his children (if a father), a sincere love for Christ’s sheep, and a burden for the lost
  • Must be a devoted student of God’s Word and the work of pastoring God’s people
  • Must be committed to reading books and articles which will help him grow in knowledge and hone his gifts
  • Must have gifts of hospitality – able to lead and encourage the congregation in this ministry.


  • Master of Divinity degree
  • Must be licensed or ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, ordained in another NAPARC church, or pursuing licensure in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Harvest Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(616) 261-0327




Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)

City, State

Wayland, MI

Description of Organization

Harvest OPC is a Vibrant, Reformed Church enthusiastically working towards the fullness of Christ's Kingdom.
Harvest Church exists to make disciples of Christ who worship God with joy, walk with one another in love, and witness to our neighbors here and around the world.

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