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Job Title:

Church Planting Apprentice & Director of Outreach

Job Description:


We are seeking a Church Planting Apprentice to work full time for 2-3 years to accomplish the following: (1) Engage in personal preparations to plant a church (target location can be anywhere); (2) Oversee our church’s outreach ministries/events; and (3) Engage in various pastoral and leadership functions. Compensation will be some combination of salary and benefits from Covenant, support from church planting networks or other churches, and personal support raising (especially later in the residency).

As the Apprentice moves through the Residency term, the work on his own church plant will increase while his other duties will decrease. The specific tasks and timing of this job description will depend on whether the Apprentice already has (or is almost done with) his seminary degree, whether or not he is already ordained, and how much prior ministry and/or pastoral experience he has.


1. Church Planting Apprentice

  • Planter Assist – For a percentage of time, work closely with an existing Church Planter in the local area whom we have already launched to get as much actual church planting support experience as possible.
  • Mentorship – Engage in regular (at least monthly) mentorship meetings with an assigned Mentor or Coach. These meetings will cover the “RPMS” (relational, personal, missional, and spiritual) and ensure healthy development is happening.
  • Training & Assessment – Pursue as much training as possible such as support-raising conferences, church planter conferences, and the like. The amount of training possible depends on available funds. If not already completed, participate in the PCA/MNA Church Planter Assessment with spouse.
  • At some point during the residency term, begin preparing for the church plant, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Develop a church vision document that includes ministry and growth strategies
    • Thoroughly study the area where the plant will go
    • Develop a financial startup plan
    • Engage in fund-raising activities with personal supporters, church plant networks, other churches, and other sources
    • Work on a transition plan to relocate to the target area, including a plan for finding and building up the core group and establishing a meeting location

2. Outreach Director

  • Outreach Events – Plan and execute various annual outreach events that are designed to accomplish two things: (1) be an “entry point” for new, fringe, our outside people to come to our church and/or meet our church people; and (2) provide our own church people a platform for inviting their own friends and neighbors outside the church.
  • Evangelism Training – Ensure church members are provided with regular evangelism training to developing a culture of outreach. This consists of an annual relational evangelism workshop and suggesting evangelism-related curricula to the Director of Small Groups for integration in small groups.
  • Service – Work with the Director of Small Groups and the Diaconate to ensure deed-based gospel ministry is being conducted for the needy in our community. This includes such things as overseeing large, annual events such as LoveBrevard and working with the Director of Small Groups to tee up opportunities for small groups to serve throughout the year.
  • ROAR Sports Ministry – Oversee all ROAR Sports ministry activities and ensure the ROAR vision, values, and goals are being implemented. This does not necessarily imply personal involvement in these activities. No prior skills or experience in sports or sports ministries are assumed for this position.

3. General Pastoral Responsibilities

  • Preaching and Sacraments – Depending on ordination status, preach and perform sacraments periodically.
  • Leadership and Governance – Participate in appropriate Leadership Team-related activities such as staff meetings, strategic meetings, and off-sites. Sit in on some Session-related meetings for observation and learning purposes. When possible, participate in Presbytery and/or GA meetings.

4. Personal and Professional Development

  • Self-Care – Build in healthy rhythms of self-care, including nurturing your own soul, mind, body, relationships, and emotional life. Effectively balance work, family, and personal aspects of life.
  • Professional Development – Actively seek to learn and sharpen your professional skills. Read books and obtain resources related to your calling and position. Pursue seminars, conferences, or similar professional development opportunities as much as possible.

Position Qualifications:


  • Must either have an MDiv degree already, or be nearly finished with it.
  • Must be ordained as a Teaching Elder/Pastor, or on the path toward ordination.
  • Must be a spiritually mature individual who is proficient in communicating God’s Word, is evangelistically-minded and assents to the tenets of Reformed Theology.
  • Must be a leader—able to cast vision, recruit, train, inspire, motivate, and build strong, healthy teams of volunteers.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Passionate and heartfelt concern for both churched and unchurched individuals and families.
  • Self-motivated learner; committed to personal and professional development.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and be punctual for meetings.
  • Ability to work in team situations, as well as the ability to work independently and not require a lot of daily coaching.
  • Must agree with the overall vision of Covenant Church and become a member of our church during the time of the apprenticeship.

Application Deadline

July 1, 2019

Job Type:

Full-time (Part-time optional)

Salary Range:

General Information

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Covenant Church

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City, State

Palm Bay, FL

Description of Organization

Covenant Church | Palm Bay, FL |

MISSION STATEMENT: "Bringing Gospel Restoration to peoples' deepest needs and our broken world."

We are a PCA church that is committed to bringing the whole Gospel to the whole person through word-and-deed evangelism, care for the poor and discouraged, discipleship through biblical community, in-depth leadership development, in-house seminary training, and church planting locally, regionally, and globally.


  1. Living Authentically – In a world of guilt and shame, we share together in the grace of God as we repent of our sins and heal from our wounds.
  2. Praying Dependently – In a world of self-reliance, we find power when we look to God rather than to ourselves.
  3. Proclaiming Graciously – In a world of arrogance and hypocrisy, we declare the absolute truth of God’s Word and its message of gospel grace with boldness and kindness.
  4. Connecting Intentionally – In a world of isolation and loneliness, we deliberately invite people to experience gospel community with us.
  5. Caring Genuinely – In a world of apathy and selfishness, we care for the deepest needs of people.
  6. Multiplying Concentrically – In a world of hopelessness, we share the good news of the gospel to see people come to know Jesus as Savior across the street, across the tracks, and across the ocean.
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