General Information

Job Title:

Church Planter

Job Description:

Job Description: Portuguese Speaking Church Planter

The purpose of this position is to:

  1. Disciple a core group of first- and second-generation Brazilian immigrants that have already been reached with the Gospel and meets weekly for Bible Study
  2. Cultivate new relationships with other Brazilians living in the area with whom we have not yet had contact, so that they might know Jesus
  3. Work toward the ends that every Portuguese-speaking household in St. Tammany Parish would hear the Gospel in a clear and compelling way
  4. In addition to reaching unbelieving Portuguese-speakers with the Gospel, also connect with Portuguese-speaking Christians who are not an active member of a church
  5. Pastor these individuals and families through their joys and sorrows, including those difficulties that are special to immigrants and the children of immigrants
  6. Eventually lead this church plant into particularization as a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Position Qualifications:

Characteristics of Future Employees

All future employees of Faith Presbyterian Church should have the following characteristics:


  • Has a loving and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Is an active member in good standing at an evangelical Christian church
  • Engaged in personal accountability and discipleship with other Christians
  • Regularly serves the people of God inside and outside the Church
  • Willing to support a Reformed evangelical view of God, Scripture, and the Gospel, including the Constitution of the EPC, as well as the By-Laws, Policies, and Position Papers of Faith Presbyterian Church


  • A passion for spreading the Gospel and growing the Church • A self-starter, who is willing to try new things
  • Communicates well to a broad spectrum of people
  • Naturally intuitive and self-educating
  • Open to teaching and direction
  • Trustworthy and known for integrity, able to keep confidence


  • Comfortable working in a ministry setting
  • Able to work on teams where conflict and consensus are cultivated
  • Effectively maintains good boundaries between work life and home/personal life
  • Enjoys a work environment that can be driven and focused at times, while casual and spirited at other times
  • Able to work with people of multiple generations, perspectives, and backgrounds

Other Requirements:

  1. You must love Brazilian culture and Brazilian people from every region of Brazil!
  2. You must be fluent in Portuguese and English
  3. Able to demonstrate evanelistic ability among Brazilian people and/or other immigrants in the United States
  4. Able to do fundraising for the church plant among English-speaking churches
  5. Be willing to work under the leadership of Faith Presbyterian Church and the Gulf South Presbytery of the EPC
  6. Be approved for church planting through a formal church planting assessment. If this has not been completed yet, the EPC’s Gulf South Presbytery may be able to facilitate this process.
  7. Be excited about learning the vision of Faith Presbyterian and to work within that vision
  8. Be a person who takes initiative and enjoys innovation. Necessarily, this person must be willing to take risks, to fail, and to try again.
  9. Able to work within a budget.
  10. Demonstrate an appearance and attitude appropriate to the culture of Faith Presbyterian Church.
  11. Maintain grace and poise under pressure.
  12. Be discreet with regard to confidential information.
  13. Educational and denominational requirements.
    • A Masters of Divinity or its equivalent, per EPC requirements.
    • Currently a member of a Reformed denomination.
    • Able to be ordained within the Gulf Coast Presbytery of the EPC.  Due to the complementarian belief system of our presbytery and congregation, this role is limited to men.

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Faith Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(985) 875-1212




Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

City, State

Covington, LA

Description of Organization

The leadership of Faith Presbyterian Church [FPC] in Covington, Louisiana, has prayerfully chosen to hire a church planter to lead our efforts in planting a Portuguese-speaking church. Our aim is for this person to join our staff in early 2022.

The Brazilian community in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana is different from other cities and regions in the US, where you might find neighborhoods with Brazilian churches, markets, and restaurants. While we estimate that there are 1,500 Brazilians in our area, they live separately from one another and do not have much contact with one another. While that seems like a setback, it’s actually a boon. The mere fact that we have been gathering together as Brazilians in St. Tammany, people (believing and unbelieving) want to be a part of it! Because they are immigrants, far from family, they are looking for relationships, so even with the non Christians it is not difficult to get a relationship with.

We already have a relationship with over 20 families, willing to be involved in the church plant, and at least 7 families who are committed to a weekly Bible study on Zoom. We intend for that Bible study to move back to in-person in January 2022.

The American believers from Faith Presbyterian Church are really excited about this and are giving full support for this gospel work. Additionally, many churches from the presbytery and individuals from the region are supporting this work with prayer and financial support. That said, it is inevitable that more funds will need to be raised in the future.

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