General Information

Job Title:

Campus & Missions Director

Job Description:

 The Campus & Missions Director role is a collaborative one that is centered around the mission to make disciples. This position will be focused on serving Identity Church and her purpose by serving as a missionary in the campus ministry while also engaging our local context missionally. 

Position Qualifications:


  1. A lifestyle of spiritual maturity that supports the work and worship of the church.
  2. Agreement with the church’s theological position, core values, and significant distinctives.
  3. A desire for urban-focused ministry and mission work that would help deepen relationships within the community of focus.
  4. Ministry and servant-leadership experience in a church setting.
  5. Personable and relational with an ability to work well with people and adapt to the needs of ministry to foster the purpose of the church.
  6. An effective communicator able to teach biblically sound, engaging, gospel-centered messages.
  7. Previous campus ministry involvement and experience preferred. (Campus Outreach, Intervarsity, FCA, Cru, etc.) Additional consideration for HBCU graduates or missionaries.


  1. General

    1. Responsible participation in the life of the church. Regular attendance at all Identity Church’s worship, fellowship, and group gatherings.
    2. Connecting with people during our services for ministry and assimilation purposes.
    3. Assisting the pastors and staff with various pastoral and ministerial needs.
    4. Promoting the process of establishing Identity Church and all other church plants, missions projects, and local missionaries in the future.
  2. Bethune-Cookman University Campus Ministry (35%)
    1. Develop a plan for establishing a campus ministry club at Bethune-Cookman University.
    2. Make connections for relationships with B-CU staff and students.
    3. Communicate and coordinate with Identity Church Lead Pastor and the Campus Ministry Director to address the needs of the campus and the women’s discipleship groups.
    4. Seek to develop student leaders on the campus.
    5. Invest relationally in other staff women by offering accountability and encouragement.
    6. Faithfully fulfill all campus responsibilities (preparing for ministry events, weekly to-do’s, discipleship, supporting mentors, etc.)
    7. Faithfully attend and participate in all staff functions.8.Pursue a partnership and friendship with staff teammates.9.Give time weekly to consistent & thoughtful evaluation of the B-CU campus ministry.
  3. Local Missions (45%)
    1. Work with the Identity Church team to develop a local missions plan for Midtown/Downtown Daytona Beach.
    2. Develop a relationship with Campbell Middle School and a plan for community partnership.
    3. Through prayer, research, and surveying, assess the physical and spiritual needs for the area.
    4. Seek to develop relationships with local organizations, city officials, schools, and local influencers for prospective partnerships.
    5. Coordinate missions and outreach activities for the leadership team and church body.
    6. Seek to connect campus ministry activities with local missions activities where the opportunity presents itself.7.All other duties asked to participate in or complete for Identity Church.
  4. Personal Ministry Engagement (10%)
    1. Intentionally and aggressively pray for and spend time in an evangelistic target area.
    2. Develop, implement and evaluate a plan for Evangelism and Personal Discipleship.
    3. Seek to find rhythms of rest that re-energize you and center you on God’sfaithfulness.
  5. Support Team Development (5%)
    1. Raise and maintain 100% of your personal support goal.
    2. Communicate regularly with your support team through online updates, phone calls & personal visits.
  6. Administrative Relationships
    1. The Campus & Missions Director reports to the Lead Pastor of Identity Church and will receive additional advisement from the Identity Church Advisory Board.
    2. The Campus & Missions Director will be allotted access to the administrative staff for assistance with administrative tasks.
  7. Remuneration
    1. This is a support raising position, salary commensurate with experience. Housing may be provided. Tuition reimbursement is a possibility. 

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Identity Fellowship Church, Inc.

Contact Name & Contact Info

(386) 275-9816





City, State

Daytona Beach, FL

Description of Organization

Identity Church is a multi-ethnic church plant that seeks to make God known by living all of life in Christ, in Daytona Beach, and to the ends of the Earth.

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