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Campus Minister- Alabama

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Alabama is a mission field. We might be tempted to think of the “Bible Belt” as a place that is “reached.” But, when you step onto a college campus in the state, you will learn very quickly that post-modernism and secularization have not skipped over the South. The trouble is that many students who step onto campus end up stepping away from their faith, having discovered that the parts of God’s story they’ve been told don’t hold up as well as they thought in the real world. They need the whole story!

We believe that God wants to restore his image in every student and faculty in Alabama.
InterVarsity Alabama works to participate in that restoration by helping students and faculty discover God’s story and find their place in it.

We value:

  • The Underserved – 25 of the 50 institution in Alabama have no on-campus ministry. We long to see sustained witness on every campus and in every corner of campus in the State.
  • Incarnational Ministry – Students who aren’t already involved in a ministry or church are usually the last to show up to an invitational event or service. We want to show up for these students, to meet them where they are by empowering student leaders to be fully engaged on campus as followers of Jesus.
  • The Story of Scripture – Many students we’ve met are stagnant in their faith because they have only been given parts of God’s Story. We help students learn to engage the whole story of scripture for themselves by equipping them to study the Bible well and create communities centered around God’s Word.
  • Catalyzing Networks – The Holy Spirit can empower students to be agents of restoration on campus and in their lives for years to come. We provide students with the training, opportunities, and support to create movements within their networks.

InterVarsity Alabama is looking for staff candidates who are self-starting and flexible, excited by starting new things. We’re looking for staff who can cross cultures and build networks, and who aren’t afraid of failure. Part-time, full-time and volunteer/internship opportunities are available across the state.

Currently we have open doors of partnership with faculty, community members, and donors. We just need to find the right staff!

Join us as we step into God’s Story in Alabama!

Position Qualifications:

Candidates must have a degree from a 4-year college or university. View full job listing on our website for more details.

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Full Time

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, USA

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(601) 826-2244




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Tuscaloosa, AL

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We believe that God has called us to reach every corner of every campus.

Change the university. Change the world.

For over 75 years, InterVarsity has had a vital presence on hundreds of college campuses, courageously proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior, engaging in discipleship around Scripture, and loving people of every ethnicity and culture.

Visit our website: to learn more about us.

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