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Job Title:

Associate Pastor

Job Description:

JOB TITLE:   Associate Pastor
DATE:     7/7/2021
REPORTS TO: Directed by the Senior Pastor, in consultation with the Session and Presbytery of the Alleghenies
LOCATION (if site specific): Lancaster, NY
FLSA Status: Exempt
Job Type: Full-time
Pay Type: Salary

Summary of Primary Job Responsibilities(may perform other duties as requested not specifically addressed in this document)

The Associate Pastor will direct and administer the extensive ministries of Christian Education and Evangelism, as well as share in aspects of the pastoral responsibilities and in the spiritual development and discipling of the congregation.

Major Responsibility Areas (this may not be totally inclusive of all required job tasks and responsibilities):

Family Ministry – The Associate Pastor will focus on developing and strengthening the discipleship capabilities of the congregation through encouraging parents to become spiritual leaders within their families. 

Discipleship – The Associate Pastor will proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ for God’s glory by equipping disciples to go into the surrounding community and the world.

  • Active resource person to all education ministries and lay leadership; teach adults as needed
  • Training and discipleship of parents, ministry team leaders and teachers; fortifying Adult Education in support of these goals.
  • Providing support and planning for ministry team leaders
  • Leading activities to build up ministry team leaders and teachers
  • Working to integrate new members and visitors with the LPC congregation

Evangelism – The Associate Pastor will consider evangelism as an on-going endeavor that seeks to present the gospel to others within and outside the congregation.

  • Is instrumental in developing and implementing Evangelism ministry
    • Community Outreach
    • Evangelism and discipleship training

Pastoral Ministry – The Associate Pastor will be committed to pastoral care and visitation, including:

  • Developing relationships with church families during activities and events of the church
  • Providing pastoral visitation in homes and hospitals
  • Carry on essential pastoral duties (preaching, communion, funerals, crisis care, pastoral advice, visitation) as directed by the Senior Pastor
  • Provide pastoral care and consultation for all members including singles, young families and those who are retired
  • Preach up to 12 times per year, not more than twice in any one month
  • Work with the senior pastor in spiritual formation and building disciples


  • Relates to the Senior Pastor as head of staff
  • Relates to the Session as an ex-officio member
  • Relates to the Adult Education Committee as advisor and teacher
  • Relates to the Christian Education Committee as a member
  • Relates to the Evangelism Committee as an ex-officio member
  • Relates to overall staff as part of a team ministry – Attend weekly staff meeting
  • Relates to the congregation in both a pastoral and administrative role
  • Relates to the Lancaster community outside the walls of LPC

Position Qualifications:

Typical Qualifications(education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities typically needed to perform this job)

Education: Minimum completion of Master of Divinity (M. Div.), ordained or qualified for ordination in Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


A person who knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who is above reproach, possesses a mature understanding of the Word of God and Christian Faith; who consistently demonstrates Christian character and commitment in daily life; adheres to the EPC “Essentials of Our Faith” and full EPC constitution.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in teaching and disciple-building
  • Knowledge in the planning, development, execution and review of ministry initiatives including SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Good administrative skills
  • Exceptional organization skills and attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills in relating to both adults and youth; including personal visitation


  • Possesses a stable and knowledgeable basis in classical, evangelical, Presbyterian Reformed doctrine, as presented in the Westminster Confession of Faith
  • Affirms the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as God’s inspired and inerrant Word
  • Accepts the purpose statement, doctrine and government of LPC and the EPC
  • Must be able to articulate the Christian faith and the gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and have personal experience of gospel proclamation in real life situations


  • Ability to preach
  • Ability to teach a wide range of ages and in a variety of environments in the following manner
    • A heart, passion and vision for whole family ministries
    • Lead in small and large group situations
    • Effectively disciple and minister to all ages
  • Ability to be trustworthy and honest in all dealings
  • A self-starter with high energy
  • A readily discernable level of spiritual and personal maturity
  • Ability to lead, communicate, plan, organize and delegate effectively
  • Ability to develop and work within ministry teams (church staff, volunteers, committee members, church leadership) by facilitating cross-functional alignment to church purpose and vision

Special Certifications (if appropriate–identify if required to perform the job or just preferred):

Travel Required (typical % of time, scope of travel–U.S. or international, special issues):  Minimal local travel required


  • Competitive annual salary
  • Family health insurance
  • Retirement allowance (10% of Pastoral Compensation)
  • Four (4) weeks paid vacation
  • Two (2) weeks continuing education


  • Benefits offered will be consistent with the current policy for insurance, paid time off (PTO) and holidays


  • An annual performance review will be conducted by the Senior Pastor, Session, and the Personnel Committee in compliance with Presbytery of the Alleghenies

Applicants please forward your resume to

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

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Lancaster Presbyterian Church

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(716) 472-3620




Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

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Lancaster, NY

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