General Information

Job Title:

Assistant Pastor/Pastoral Assistant

Job Description:

Church Creek PCA is seeking a candidate to serve as an Assistant Pastor or a Pastoral Assistant. The individual we are seeking must be one who will set an example before the flock by maintaining the character and qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1–7, Titus 1:5–9, and 1 Peter 5:1–4. The Assistant Pastor will report directly to Senior Pastor and fall under the general oversight of Church Creek session.

Primary Areas of Responsibility

  • Help oversee ministry coordination, administrative tasks, assimilation, etc.
  • Maintain regular visitation and shepherding care to Church Creek members.
  • Be available to conduct counseling and officiate weddings and funerals, as needed.
  • Help lead the outreach of the church in our community and utilize our website social media, and other forms of publicity to draw visitors.
  • Help oversee the various ministry committees by regular communication with committee chairpersons.
  • Preaching/teaching for other ministries of the church, as needed (e.g., Sunday school, Bible Study, etc.).
  • Assist the senior minister in leading mid-week ministries of the church (i.e., youth, men’s theology night, etc.)
  • Provide strategic organizational leadership for future small groups.
  • Provide strategic organizational leadership for new member assimilation.
  • Help lead in overall church discipleship.
  • Assist in coordinating certain events (e.g., conferences, retreats, etc.).
  • Assist in leading weekly morning and evening worship.
  • Employ ministry gifts of Word and Sacrament during morning and evening worship, Sunday school, small groups, etc. as part of a preaching rotation.

Preferred Personality Strengths

  • Relational – Ability to easily draw people together, make others feel welcome, and

naturally encourage genuine gospel community.

  • Organized – Ability to be punctual, keep appointments, easily find/produce

documents, and be prepared.

  • Team-Oriented – Ability to see oneself as part of a team and not as an individual

minister working in isolation; to not give into unhealthy comparison or competition, but rather strive to build up others.

  • Servant Leadership – Ability to see and be sensitive to needs, take initiative, develop teams, and then follow through with appropriate action.
  • Winsome – Ability to speak truth in love; to communicate the truth of God’s Word in a compelling, but respectful way.


  • Salary: TBD
  • Housing: TBD value + utilities
  • Benefits: TBD for insurance; TBD for continuing education; TBD for cell phone reimbursement
  • 3 weeks vacation; 1 week study

If interested, please contact Pastor Nick Batzig at

Position Qualifications:

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Church Creek PCA

Contact Name & Contact Info

(912) 312-7491




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Charleston, SC

Description of Organization

Church Creek Presbyterian (PCA), located in Charleston, SC, is seeking to call an Assistant Pastor (ordained position) or a Pastoral Assistant (non-ordained). Church Creek is a gospel-centered, confessionally Reformed, ordinary means of grace church. Church Creek is committed to the confessional standards of the Presbyterian Church in America and to ordinary means of grace ministry.


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