General Information

Job Title:

Assistant Pastor

Job Description:

The mission of the Assistant Pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian
Church is to implement the values and mission of our church with a
focus on identifying and coordinating an intergenerational vision for all
youth, college age, young adult and family ministries. In partnership with
the Senior Pastor, the Director of Christian Education, the Director of
Children’s Ministries, and the Christian Growth Committee, the Assistant
Pastor will develop a relational strategy of ministry that builds bridges in
all areas of ministry at Grace. A key aspect of this position is to recruit
volunteers, build teams, and cultivate cohesiveness within the teams. To
this end, the Assistant Pastor must mentor an intergenerational gospelcentered leadership team to invest in the ministries.

Position Qualifications:

1. Exhibit growth and maturity in their own faith through regular prayer,
Bible study, and devotional time.
2. Actively engage in a committed learning group, studying God’s Word,
and maintaining accountability.
3. Maintain personal integrity, humility, and demonstration of the fruits of
the Spirit.
4. Willingness to address compelling and challenging subjects with grace,
supported by scripture.
5. Possess a heart for Jesus with the ability to connect with our
multigenerational congregation.
6. Exhibit organizational skills and the ability to prioritize responsibilities
and efforts for highest efficiency.
7. Profess agreement with ECO Core Values.

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Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(804) 815-7677




Presbyterian - Other

City, State

Gloucester, VA

Description of Organization

We are a church that is driven by mission and commissioned by Christ to share
His love by loving and encouraging each other.
We are nurtured by a community in a manner that promotes spiritual maturity,
and we are compelled to use the best of our resources and abilities for the Grace
and Glory of God.
We are anchored in scripture, teaching and encouraging the truths God gives us
in His Word.
We are a church that seeks to know Christ and to make Christ known!
We are a congregation that seeks to acknowledge God in all of our was as we are
empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead by example in our church and community.

Our church has served as a Christian anchor to historic Gloucester Courthouse for
more than 140 years. Gloucester is located in coastal Virginia along the Southernmost
portion of the Chesapeake Bay. We are a community that is surrounded by water, and
it has shaped our history, our environment, and our lives.

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