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Assistant/Associate Pastor of Young Adult Ministries

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Characteristics of Work

The Pastor of Young Adults Ministries will help to cast vision for ministry to younger singles and couples in and out of college, as well as families with children below sixth grade, developing and implementing effective ministries in coordination with the related ministry teams. He will also spend a portion of his time serving the Men’s Ministry of POPC.

The pastoral personnel at POPC will function in a strong team atmosphere employing their mutual gifts to the common purpose of shepherding the flock under their care to fulfill the Purpose Statement of POPC for the glory of God.

In keeping with the privilege of this high calling, the ministry will require time spent considerably beyond a 40-hour workweek. However, this must never be at the expense of his relationship with the triune God and the shepherding of his own family.

Essential Functions

1. As an ordained minister, he will participate in supportive team fashion in all phases of the pastoral ministry to the congregation. This would include preaching, teaching, worship leadership, counseling, discipling, evangelizing, visitation, administration, weddings, funerals, etc., as the Senior Pastor, Session, or congregational needs require.

2. He will build relationships with and teach in a variety of settings the young adults of POPC, in order to bring the word of God and the gospel of Christ to bear upon the specific needs of their season of life.

3. He will seek to cultivate community among the young adults themselves, and to encourage their participation in the broader ministries of POPC.

4. He will give attention to the college-aged young adults of POPC who are in the Jackson metro area and attending out-of-town schools, so that they might remain connected to Christ and His church in their transition from high school to college and/or career. This ministry will involve getting to know the senior high students and their families, as well as communicating well with the Youth Ministry staff, in order to facilitate a smooth baton pass from youth ministry to young adult ministry, and eventually to other churches if the students relocate away from the Jackson metro area.

5. He will work to form and equip ministry teams to participate in the work of ministry to young adults.

6. He will assist the Men’s Ministry Team in developing and executing its work of discipling the men of POPC.

7. As a member of the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley, he will be expected to fulfil his obligations to Presbytery commitments, which includes attendance at Presbytery meetings and service on Presbytery committees and working bodies.

8. Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Please send resume and Ministerial Data Form to Anna Vinson at

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BS or BA Undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Pursuing or has acquired a Master of Divinity from an accredited Seminary.

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Full Time

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Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church

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Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

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Ridgeland, MS

Description of Organization

Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church exists to pursue transformation by truth and grace together for the glory of Christ, faithfully communicating all of God's inerrant word, gathering in the lost, and equipping the saints for active participation in ministry. We are an almost 50-year-old congregation just outside Jackson, MS. We have approximately 930 members, and desire to strengthen our ministry to young adults (singles and married couples in and out of college, as well as families with children below sixth grade).

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