A December Poem by Dr. Lee

If you are a graduate student, I know what you are thinking right now.  “Just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks!”  I’m not thinking of Christmas per se, although I must confess that I do love this time of the year!  No, I’m thinking of the double whammy of final exams and term papers.  I have tried to avoid this academic overload upon graduate students, but sadly it seems almost unavoidable.  So, press on, dear friends, for there are “only a few more weeks!”

In the meantime, enjoy this poem that I’ve entitled “An Ode to the Graduate Student.”

O December, December, come quickly and stay
For we have worked so diligently since May
Our minds are weary, our bodies fatigued
Our teachers are ruthless, men of intrigue

Midterms are a pleasure, howev’r only some
Finals can be more a burden than fun
Papers, papers, more papers we write
About the fallen world and our sinful plight

Yet, we know at the end our salvation’s secure
For in Jesus’ cross is found our sin’s cure
His resurrection is life to those who believe
In Christ our Savior, our vict’ry He achieved

The prophets of old, those of the past
Foretold of His coming, His birth in gloom cast
“Though the worship of all creation was Mine”
Freely I gave it that My Glory may shine”

He came as a babe in humility born
His life was suff’ring; innocently shorn
His trial was fixed, He was hung on a tree
“Why my God have You abandoned me?”

The answer we know, we have studied all year
Christ died for His Church, and He did so with cheer
A love so amazing, a love so divine
Our union with Christ so we can now shine

This was our studies in our heart and our mind
Christ in the New and in the Old where we find
We find this message, the coming of the Lord
In human flesh, which our enemies abhor

The coming of Christ is the covenant’s great link
This is why we read Vos and Bavinck
Calvin, Warfield, and Kline we read
That those in Christ are true Abr’ham’s seed.

Perhaps our studies are not so bad
I miss it already, I grow a bit sad.
Oh January, January, come quickly and fast
That I may return to my work in hopes it will last

In Christ is our hope, in Christ is our reason
In Christ is the meaning of this joyous season
Lest we forget what our studies do truly afford
Let us rejoice in Jesus, who is our Great Lord.

-Dr. Lee

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