Semper Informanda: Prolegomenon

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting on Jesus

During this Advent season, as Christians we celebrate and remember the Incarnation. This inaugural event was something that followers of God had eagerly awaited for. The Old Testament anticipates this glorious event of God becoming man. Although Jesus Christ has come, his first coming happened after many, many years, hundreds of years of waiting and even a period of silence from God. For some, it may have caused them to doubt and question the great prophesies of the prophets of old who declared the promises of God. God's people during this time were waiting on Jesus to come. And finally, he came! After years of waiting and silence, God sent his Son into the world as a baby born to Mary and Joseph. In the words of Dottie Peoples, God is "an on time God, yes He is. He might not come when you want Him, but He will be right on time."

God's timing to send Jesus wasn't the timing that some believers wanted, but it was the right time. Why? Because it was God's timing! The same rings true for the second coming of Jesus as well.

He promised that he would return again to consummate his Kingdom. This is a promise that Jesus has given to us as his people. We know this is true because as Fred Hammond says in his song, Promise Keeper, "every promise You (God) have given me will come true...I see You, so sovereign. You are the only God so wise. In Your hands You hold my times. I can hold You to Your word. You're never wavering, You won't turn. For I am sure, You are the Promise Keeper."

God does indeed keep all his promises. He will keep his covenant and steadfast love with his people. As we persevere in this inter-advent age, eagerly awaiting the coming of the King of Glory, let us take heart as those who awaited the first coming of Christ. It could take hundreds of years, but let us wait with joy in this period of the already and still more to come! As we celebrate the Savior's birth during this Advent season, let us remember that our Lord has come but he is now gone. He ascended to the throne of God awaiting his time to return.

Let us take joy in this truth, but may this truth also remind us that the story is not over, Jesus is coming again. As we wait on Jesus, let us continually pray for the coming of his kingdom, for the renewal of all things as heaven will one day come down to earth. May this Advent season help us to continue to pray, come Lord Jesus come!

Mr. Lloyd Dawson
M.Div. Student

Orlando Semper Informanda | Volume 6 Issue 16




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