Semper Informanda: Prolegomenon

RTS Ambassadors: Serving the Lord with Prayer and Presence
Many of you have heard of the RTS Ambassadors, but not all know of the many ways they serve our community. Their mission is two-fold; prayer and presence. In all their service, they resolve to serve the community as unto the Lord.

Away from the public eye, they serve by gathering together to pray for the RTS community as a whole, as well as for its leaders, students, and faculty. In this semester alone, their prayers have covered student events, illnesses in our community, and special requests like Danny Iverson’s and Tim Bentson’s recent trip to Japan in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

Publically, the Ambassadors facilitate RTS events by being the first faces many visitors see when they arrive on campus. Whether at monthly RTS President’s luncheons, Board Dinners, or a special event like Dr. Sweeting’s inauguration, Ambassadors welcome guests and take care of them while they are on campus.

Our guests’ appreciation for the service of our Ambassadors is often evidenced by the compliments we receive after the events. One special guest who attended the inauguration this past February told RTS staff that she had never felt so welcomed and cared for at RTS as she did because of the assistance she received from the Ambassadors who welcomed her, walked her to the nametag table, found her nametag, escorted her to the dinning hall, and later showed her to the chapel. In addition to their friendly assistance, she complimented their joyful attitude and their impeccable appearance.

I want to hereby add my voice of appreciation for our Ambassadors who voluntarily served this academic year and brought acclaim to our campus.

Well done.

Mr. Johnny Mastry, Esq.
Vice President Development

Orlando Semper Informanda | Volume 5 Issue 27

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