Mentoring at RTS Orlando

All MDiv students who began their studies in the summer of 2013 or later are required to take Mentoring (2PT536). Mentoring (2PT536) will be offered each spring semester beginning in 2016 and is a one credit hour course. To register for this course, you must have completed at least 3 of the 4 required mentoring contracts known as Personal Development Contracts or PDCs. The four 12- week long contracts can be completed during any four semesters while you are a student. For a complete explanation of The RTS Orlando Mentoring Experience please see The Mentoring Handbook.

This course will be taught by Dr. Kevin Collins and Leigh Swanson. After an initial class meeting, students will sign up for an individual meeting with the course professors to reflect upon their mentoring experience.

Mentoring is about leadership transfer and the preparation of the next generation to proclaim the gospel in word and deed with power. While there are differing types of mentoring relationships (disciple, teacher, coach, counselor, sponsor, etc.), all of them involve the mentor teaching, encouraging, and empowering the mentored on the journey of following Jesus. Our prayer is for our students to be in relationships that will help them as they prepare to follow God’s call on their lives and to strengthen their imitation of Christ.

For questions and information on The RTS Orlando Mentoring Experience, contact Leigh Swanson at