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Financial Aid at RTS Orlando

The financing of a RTS degree is, above all, a trusting in and a reliance on God’s provision. Students finance their studies through their personal resources, the support of their home church, family and friends, and through RTS financial aid.

Tuition and related costs at RTS are intentionally kept at an affordable level because of the generous support of the church and friends of the seminary. It is customary for students to graduate without incurring indebtedness for their seminary education. RTS is distinct in this important aspect of preparing students for successful ministry.

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Who should apply?

All Masters-level students, entering and returning, who wish to receive any type of scholarship from Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando must apply annually via an online form.  Financial aid is not available for Doctor of Ministry courses.

When do I apply?

Financial Aid Deadlines

  • March 1
  • April 1
  • May 1 – last deadline for returning students
  • June 1 – reserved for entering students accepted during the month of May
  • November 1 – deadline for those applying for only Winter and Spring aid

Financial Aid award letters will go out in March, April, May, June and November on the 15th day of the month.  Please note that if an application is not complete by the deadline, it will not be reviewed until the following month.

Returning students who do not complete the application by May 1 will have their award decreased by 10% and an additional 10% for each following month the application is late.  If the application is not completed by the first day of class (summer or fall, whichever comes first for the student), no scholarship will be awarded.

New students have until June 1 to apply and then the reduced percentages take effect.  Once a student starts classes or the fall semester starts, no further financial aid applications will be accepted, whichever is first.

What will I need to know to fill out the form?

Some scholarships require that students provide financial information for the coming year. Please use the Financial Aid Worksheet to gather your financial information before entering the online form.

What type of scholarship is available?

For a complete list, please view our Financial Aid Brochure.

What about the Church Partnership Program?

Each student is always responsible for his/her financial commitments to the seminary, however this innovative matching funds program allows the church and the seminary to share in the student's financial support. In this program, RTS will match any funds given towards a student's tuition by his/her home church up to 1/3 of the total cost of tuition for the academic year for Masters students and up to 1/3 for DMin students. Download the Church Partnership Form.


For information on tuition costs for the 2013-2014 year, please click here.


Reformed Theological Seminary offers substantial financial aid, but sometimes more aid is needed. Therefore, RTS also maintains a list of outside financial aid opportunities.

If you are interested in working in an on-campus job, please email the Admissions Office at for an application.


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