Thank you for your interest in RTS Orlando! The application process can be overwhelming. Our goal is to keep you well informed prior to and throughout your application process. The information below is intended to walk you through the process one step at a time. We hope you find it helpful.  Please note that the application process for Special Student, Visiting Student, and Certificate Student, as well as for Auditor, tends to be less involved than the procedures for entering our degree programs.


Also note that the application process for the Master of Arts in Counseling program varies significantly from that of the general application process listed below. Click here to see the extra MAC requirements.



When to Apply
Completing Application
Academic Transcripts
Other Requirements
Application Checklist
Application Return


Processing Application
Tuition Deposit
Financial Aid
Matriculation Checklist




Please complete the application form, answering essay questions on separate pages (typed). These essay questions will not only provide the Admissions Committee with important information about you as a prospective student, but will also demonstrate your writing ability. Enclose the appropriate application fee and a recent photograph.

Online Application for Admission Form

 Print Application for Admission Form  


Typically, persons seeking admission should apply no earlier than one year and no later than three months before the semester they expect to enter. New students may enter at one of five times per year:

  • July (Summer Greek)
  • August (Fall Semester)
  • January (Winter Term)
  • February (Spring Semester)
  • June (Summer Term)

Entry into the Master of Arts in Counseling (Orlando) begins in the Summer for full-time students. The first round of MAC applications goes to review February 1. After February 1, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the program is full.


A "complete application" means the RTS Admission Department has recieved your application, your answers to the essay questions, transcripts from all post-secondary institutions where you have studied, the application fee, all references, and a photograph.  Look at the checklist for more details.  You are responsible to ensure all materials are sent to RTS Orlando.  After these materials are recieved, your application file is complete and will go under review by the Admissions Committee.


Please request an official transcript from each college or university where you completed six or more semester hours (even if posted on subsequent transcripts). You should specifically request that the transcripts be sent directly to the Admissions Department at RTS.

Admissions Dept.
RTS Orlando
1231 Reformation Drive
Oviedo, FL 32765


For degree programs, Reformed Theological Seminary requires references from a former professor, your pastor, and a friend. (If you completed your most recent degree more than five years ago, you may submit a second general reference in place of the academic reference.) Only the pastoral reference is required for the Special Student category. If you are not using the on-line admission application, please give the appropriate reference form and a return envelope to those from whom you are requesting references. The persons completing the forms should mail references directly to the Admissions office.  RTS strongly recommends that applicants use the on-line application.  Upon submission of the on-line application, our system directs the reference forms electronically to the references' email addresses indicated on the application.  RTS would advise applicants to be aware of the status of references, as you are relying on your references to complete the form and submit it to us.  Ultimately, the applicant is the responsible party for the securing and submission of proper references.


The Admissions Committee will examine the credentials submitted to determine each applicant’s suitability for admission. Admission may be granted on the basis of these credentials alone, or the committee may also require one of the following:

  • A personal interview
  • An entrance examination in any subject the committee deems basic to seminary study
  • The Graduate Record Examination
  • A psychological and/or aptitude test
  • A sample research paper



Sent by Applicant:

  • Application Form
  • Appropriate Application Fee
  • Statement of Applicant's Faith Story
  • Call to Christian Service (not required for Special Student applicants)
  • Personal and Professional Profile (MAC and DMin only)
  • Recent Photo (optional)

Sent by Others:

  • Pastoral Reference
  • Academic Reference (not required for Special Student applicants)
  • General Reference (not required for Special Student applicants)
  • All necessary transcripts
  • TOEFL (international applicants only)
  • MDiv degree (DMin only)



1231 Reformation Drive
Oviedo, Florida 32765-7197

407.366.9493 or 1.800.752.4382
407.366.9425 (fax) or



The RTS Orlando admissions office is pleased to receive applications at any time throughout the year. Entry into programs occurs typically in July (Summer Greek), August (Fall Semester), January (Winter Term), February (Spring Semester), and June (Summer Term).

Listed below is the order of events following the reciept of an application.


Upon receipt of the application form and fee, any previously received application materials are collated, and an individualized file is assembled. At that time, email notification of outstanding application materials is sent to the applicant. Thereafter, the applicant will be updated by the Application Coordinator via email reguarding the status of the application.  RTS has a rolling admissions policy. That is, as soon as your application is complete, your file will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for review, and you will be notified of the decision by letter.


Upon receipt of a letter of admission, a letter of intent to register should be forwarded to the Admissions office along with a non-refundable tuition deposit. (See tuition and fee schedule for tuition deposit costs). The tuition deposit will be applied toward your first term’s tuition costs and will hold your place in the incoming class.


Following your receipt of a letter of admission, you may request and submit an Application for Financial Aid. Click here for more information about Financial Aid.


When your tuition deposit is recieved, you may register for classes online via Self Service, the online program used to manage your student account, view class documents, and view your grades. You will recieve further information in the acceptance letter. Registration for classes opens on the following dates for the following terms:

  • Winter term - November 1
  • Spring term - December 1
  • Summer term - April 1
  • Fall term - May 1



  • Submitted letter of intent with appropriate tuition deposit.
  • Requested and submitted financial aid application before deadline (if necessary).
  • Pre-Registered online.



Your questions matter to us! Our FAQ page may be able to quickly answer your questions. For further questions, feel free to contact an admissions counselor at 800.752.4382 or

We look forward to corresponding with you.

 Online Application for Admission Form

 Print Application for Admission Form

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