Director of Admissions, Placement, and Marketing
Dr. Kevin R. Collins –  
(407) 278-8824
Doctor of Ministry (2009), Covenant Theological Seminary
Master of Divinity (2000), Knox Theological Seminary
Bachelor of Science in Marketing (1986), University of Tennessee
Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN
Denomination Affiliation: Teaching Elder in the PCA

Admissions Coordinator
Mr. Tim Trouten –  
(407) 278-8833
Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in Counseling (2012), RTS-Orlando
Bachelor of Arts in History (2001), Michigan State University
Hometown: Monroe, MI
Denomination Affiliation: PCA

Assistant to the Director
Mrs. Lauren Brakebill–
(800) 752-4382 / (407) 278-4321
Bachelor of Science in Global Community Dev. (2012), Berry College
Master of Arts in Counseling (Candidate), RTS-Orlando
Hometown: Powell, TN
Denominational Affiliation: PCA

Lead Enrollment Counselor
Mrs. Kathryn Wilkins –  
(800) 752-4382 / (407) 278-4321
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (Candidate), RTS-Orlando
Bachelor of Arts in English (2009), Covenant College
Hometown: Toronto, Canada 
Denominational Affiliation: Reformed Baptist

Enrollment Counselor
Mrs. Georgie Wallace –  
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations & Communications (2005), AUT University
Bachelor of Science in Genetics (2005), University of Otago
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Denominational Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Enrollment Counselor
Mr. Mark Wallace –
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (2005), University of Auckland
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Denominational Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Enrollment Counselor
Mrs. Maggie Jobson – 
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of South Florida
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Denominational Affiliation: Non-Denominational