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Campus Distinctives

Summer Institute for Biblical Languages with Miles Van Pelt: Our language program allows RTS students to study biblical languages by immersion, thus enabling them to be better exegetes.
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Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling : With its on-campus clinic, the MFTC program prepares students to work with God's Word and God's world as they apply God's truth to people's lives. The program fulfills educational requirements for dual LPC/LMFT licensure in most states.
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African American Leadership Initiative: AALI trains students to apply the gospel to the unique challenges and circumstances of ministry in multi-ethnic, urban settings.
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Preaching on the Circuit with Ben Kappers: In our preaching-focused MDiv Curriculum, students at RTS Jackson have many opportunities to practice not only what they preach, but how they preach. Ben Kappers (MDIV '11) shares his experience preaching on the circuit.
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What Will I Learn?

Jackson faculty speak about their areas of expertise within the classroom.
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Apologetics with Bruce Baugus

Biblical Studies with Guy Waters

Christology with Derek Thomas

Church History with Sean Lucas

Covenant Theology with Ligon Duncan

Introduction to Missions with Elias Medeiros

Introduction to Preaching with Charlie Wingard

Neurobiology, Paul & Personal Relationships, and Advanced Individual & Systemic Counseling

Pauline Epistles with Guy Waters

Psalms to Chronicles with Mike McKelvey

Psychology in Relation to Theology with Jim Hurley

Synoptics & Acts with Ben Gladd

Systematic Theology with Ligon Duncan



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