Athletics at RTS Jackson

Balance is an important part of life.  At seminary, you'll be hitting the books hard—as a full-time student you'll spend 35 to 50 hours per week either in class or studying for class depending on your course load - so how are you going to get physical exercise?

At RTS Jackson, we have lots of opportunities and you'll want to find your niche.  At the Jackson campus the Lord has provided some meager facilities that support our small community including a gym, an athletic field, a weight room, a racquetball court, two tennis courts, and a game room.  When you combine these facilities with the network of relationships that spring up out of campus housing and our residential community, there are quite a few opportunities for fellowship in the athletic arena.  And the occasional tournament can give things a competitive edge.

Soccer and Volleyball are played weekly year round.  Other sports are seasonal or occasional.  Most of the facilities are open for use by the students anytime.  For the current schedule of weekly athletic events, see the most recent version of the Informer.


Soccer - better known as futbol to our many international players - is played twice a week on campus, usually once indoor in the gym and once outside on the field.  Historically, soccer has been used as an outreach to our community.


In the glory days in the late '70s, basketball was played in the gym every weekday at lunch.  Now basketball is played once a week, and while the games are competitive, all skill levels are welcome.

Flag Football

When fall ushers in football season, we paint lines on the newly-lit athletic field and go out for gridiron glory old-timer style - we're too fragile and unsanctified to play tackle, so flag football is the game of choice.  Usually the fall semester permits around 6 games to be scheduled on interspersed Monday nights throughout football season.


Volleyball, which meets weekly, may be the most popular sport on campus.  In Spring of 2007, we had 8 teams participate in a 3-on-3 co-ed volleyball tournament.  It's often as many females as males.


The racquetball court, located in the Dean Center between the gym and the weight room and locker room, is available at anytime with biometric access.  Some racquetball aficionados schedule regular weekly games.  Find a partner and have fun.


If you like to run and throw a frisbee, this game's for you.  When the new, leveled, lit athletic field opened in Fall 2007, Ultimate became a weekly event.

Ping Pong & Foozball

The game room at Patterson's Porch is accessible to students at any time (even after hours) through the coded door.  Students love Ping Pong and occasionally you’ll find the foozball table in use.  Balls and paddles are supplied by the seminary.  If no balls can be found, ask the Mailroom at Patterson's Porch or the Student Life office.


The weight room in the Dean Center next to the gym has been completely refurbished, and now includes a treadmill and an elliptical machine in addition to a broad array of free weights.  Students will frequently come to lift in pairs or by themselves to work out and then grab a quick shower in the locker room before going to class.  Biometric access permits students to use the weight room whenever their schedule permits, even after the buildings have closed.

Fantasy Sports

Well, this may not qualify as exercise, but it seems that each year there's an RTS football and baseball fantasy league.  Watch the Informer for folks trying to start league at the beginning of the season.


Many of our students play golf at Sonny Guy Municipal Golf Course about 7 miles down the road after Clinton Blvd turns into Woodrow Wilson.  It's certainly not the fanciest course in the world, but it's cheap - they let RTS student walk 18 holes for $8.  Since the cost fits a seminarian's budget, the course has been affectionately named the "RTS Country Club."

Swimming & Running

Many of our runners find quiet routes in nearby neighborhoods in Clinton.  A pretty lake off of Lakeview Drive provides a scenic spot for a serene morning run.  Swimmers will join the nearby YMCA (less than a half a mile from the Townhomes) or the Healthplex at Mississippi College to continue their routine.

Is your favorite sport not listed?  Chances are there's someone else here that would be interested in playing with you—why don't you ask around and get it started at RTS?

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