Field Education

Field education, or "mentored ministry", is a deep and refreshing well our students draw from where classroom experience is applied and refined in the life and ministry of the church.

This opportunity is open to all students (upon approval) and 400 hours of practical experience are required for students pursuing the Master of Divinity.  The primary purposes of the Field Education program are:

  • to help students who intend to pursue pastoral or vocational ministry to test, exercise, and improve their gifts and skills;
  • to provide students with firsthand experience in the services to which God has called them;
  • to encourage their theological reflection on the tasks of ministry; and most importantly,
  • to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through service to His Kingdom.

In addition to the above purposes our Field Education curriculum achieves, our curriculum is also unique in two ways.  We require students attend 4 seminars hosted by local and national ministry leaders in an effort to expose students to a variety of ministry opportunities, the life and character of ministry leaders, and networking opportunities.  We also require that 25 of the 400 hours are spent in personal evangelization, ensuring our students remain intentionally involved in the lives of nonbelievers and connected to their role in His story to fulfill the Great Commission. 

A few examples of ways students may earn RTS field education credit include:

  • as a summer student assistant to a pastor;
  • student supply in a vacant pulpit;
  • pastoral internship of 9-15 months;
  • a missionary internship;
  • campus ministry;
  • work with parachurch organization;
  • ministry in a national park;
  • youth ministry;
  • evangelistic ministry in a local church;
  • chaplaincy in a hospital, nursing home, or military;
  • jail ministry;
  • or in other similar ministries – we welcome your creativity!

If you would like more information about RTS Atlanta's Field Education curriculum, feel free to review the following forms:

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