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The Scriptures attest to and our hearts yearn for the fruit of spiritual growth within the context of a healthy community.  In fact, healthy spirituality is most effectively cultivated within authentic community alongside others you have known, and who have known you, for years.  As a result, we encourage spiritual growth in our students by enabling them to remain in their immediate church community and coupling opportunities for authentic community on campus as well.  

Our campus offers you ample room not only to diligently study God's Word, but to foster authentic relationships with your professors and peers as well.  We have a reading room saturated with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a cafe with plush chairs and tabletops upon which you can break bread together, a beautiful shaded creekside pavilion which offers a quiet sanctuary for fellowship with one another and the Lord, and cozy nooks within our library for you to immerse yourself in communion with your Savior.

We host Christmas banquets, special seminars, dessert socials, guest lecturers and other opportunities intentionally designed to help you engage with other students to laugh together, learn together, and worship our Lord together.  Whether it's a conversation at breakfast over a warm chicken biscuit at the local Chick-fil-A, the smiling face at the front door when you arrive on campus, or the genuine care and affection each of our students have for one another, the community at RTS Atlanta fosters an environment well-suited for both the rigorous study of God's Word and the gracious application of that Word in relationship with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ.

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