A Biblical Focus

If you currently live in Atlanta, are moving to Atlanta, or have a heart for serving God's People in a bustling urban context, RTS is your seminary of choice.  While one of our strengths is undoubtedly our convenience and flexibility, our primary strength, and the foundation upon which our degree programs are built, is our pristine focus on the Bible.  While many seminaries have crafted their degree programs to focus more on what at first glance appear to be “practical” studies than on the Scriptures themselves, our students, many of whom are engaged in real-life ministry while pursuing their degree, and graduates tell us that knowing God’s Word is the most practical skill for real-life ministry.  In fact, meeting the challenges of a world in which absolute truth is denied and the tentacles of secularism attempt even to infiltrate the Church with the branches rather than the solid roots of biblical truth is not sufficient.  That’s why our commitment to building a foundation upon God’s Word is one of the best ways you will become equipped for a lifetime of ministry. Take a look at two of our degree programs and one of our certificate programs and their focus on a rock solid biblical foundation:

Master of Divinity: Our Master of Divinity degree requires 15 unique classes and 40 total credit-hours in biblical studies.  A full 38% of the Master of Divinity degree program is committed to providing our students with biblical knowlege (another 25 credit-hours, or 24% of the degree program, are dedicated to equipping our students to apply their biblical knowledge in a relevant way within different contexts.  The remainder of the credit-hours are further explorations in theology, worldview, apologetics, etc).

Master of Arts (Biblical Studies): Our Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) requires 32 total credit-hours in biblical studies (in addition to the 9 required classes that total 24 credit-hours, we require an additional 8 hours of Bible electives, often used by our students to successfully complete Greek or Hebrew).  A full 48% of the MABS is committed to teaching our students Bible content (another 27% of the curriculum, or 18 credit-hours, is committed to theology, worldview, apologetics, etc). 

Certificate (Biblical Studies): Our Certificate (Biblical Studies) requires 12 total credit-hours in biblical studies along with 13 credit-hours in systematic studies (which cover major doctrines found in Scripture); in all, 83% of this certificate is dedicated to equipping students to understand biblical content.

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