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Unitrusts and Annuity Trusts

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If you are interested in maximum flexibility and effectiveness from your gift, consider the charitable remainder trusts (CRT's) of .

  • Our unitrust pays you and/or other beneficiaries income as a fixed percentage of the principal. The unitrust is revalued annually, and income in excess of the percentage payout is reinvested.
  • Our annuity trust pays you and your beneficiaries a fixed income.

CRT's may pay income to multiple beneficiaries, for life or a term or years. A unitrust may be structured to invest solely for growth for a term of years, an attractive way to help provide for future retirement or tuition needs while also making a substantial gift to . An annuity trust may hold tax-free securities and pass tax-free income through to the beneficiaries.

You, your financial institution, or may serve as the trustee of a CRT. We presently ask for a minimum gift of $ to establish a unitrust that we will trustee.


Comparison of Benefits: Unitrust and Annuity Trust

*This example is based on a factor that changes monthly. Contact our office for a personal illustration based on the latest rates.


> Beneficiaries aged 72 and 70
> 28% income tax bracket
> Holding $100,000 in stock with $50,000 cost basis



Annuity Trust




Income Rate



First Year's Income



Future Income



Charitable Deduction*



*Based on a Federal Discount Rate of 5.0%.

To learn more about gifts of charitable remainder trusts, Email us, complete the Information Request form, or call us at so that we can assist you.

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