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 Student Services FAQ's

How do I take a DE exam?
    All DE exams require a proctor during the time of the exam. The exam is built into Canvas and thus you do not need to request an exam. However, do make sure your proctor is present during the time of the exam. All exams require a proctor and require the online proctor form to be completed at the conclusion of the exam.

Who may proctor an exam?
    Family and current RTS students are NOT permitted to proctor exams. We recommend asking church staff members or RTS graduates.

How long do I have to complete a DE course?
    For all courses, the student has 3 months to complete their course from their start date.

How do I write my research paper?
    See this helpful guide on crafting and writing your research paper. 

What is your policy for assignments submitted late (i.e. past the course end date)?
    All course work must be turned in by the student's official end date as listed in their start letter. If more time is needed to complete course work, an extension must be purchased from their campus registrar. Any work turned in after the course end date will receive a zero. 

How much is a course extension?
    A one-month course extension may be purchased for $100 prior to the students end date for that particular course.

How many course extensions may I purchase?
    A student is only allowed to purchase one extension per course.

What is the cost for a DE course?
    A DE course is at the same tuition rate as current RTS residential courses. Along with the current tuition rate there is also a course delivery fee of $60 per credit hour.

Why is there a course delivery fee?
    The course delivery fee of $60 per credit hour is used in support of the Distance Education Librarian who provides research assistance and support for students; it covers an ongoing subscription to the ATLA database for student research; it helps maintain quality course development; and supports the services offered by the Online Professor and Teaching Assistant in each class.

How is the course content delivered for Distance Education courses?
Audio Lectures for Distance Education Courses can be found on iTunes or by downloading the iTunes Software and navigating to Reformed Theological Seminary on iTunes U. Or on your mobile/tablet devices by downloading the RTS Mobile App. The remaining course materials (syllabi, course notebook, exams, schedule, etc.) can be found on the LMS classroom.

What is the schedule for Distance Education courses?
Distance Education courses are on rolling registration – there are no semesters for Distance Education, any class can be registered for at any time.

How do I register for a Distance Education course?
    All course registration for Distance Education is handled by your campus registrar. Or by contacting Alice Hathaway.

How do I reset my password in Canvas?
    To reset your password in Canvas follow these directions: 
        1. Click on "Forgot your password" on the Cavas login page
        2. This will direct to a new window where you will be asked to supply your email address, then click "Request Password"
        3. An email will be sent with a link to reset your password - click this link
        4. Input your new password and select "Update Password"
        5. You should now be able to login with your new password.

Do I have to follow the weekly breakdown in the course schedule?
The weekly schedule in our online classroom is a suggested breakdown of how to progress through the course at a consistent pace that will allow the student to glean the most from the course and be prepared for all assignments.

How do I know if I have done the required number of posts in each forum in Canvas?
To check your number of posts in Canvas please follow these directions:
        1. Log into Canvas as you normally would
        2. Go to your course home page 
        3. Click on Discussions on the navigation menu on the left. 
        4. Click on the particular forum you want to check. In the search box in the upper left, type in your name to filter only your posts. 
        5. You will see a list of forum posts you have made in that particular forum. Review these to make sure you have fulfilled the course requirement. 
        6. Refer to your syllabus for the required amount of forum postings.

How do I know if I have properly uploaded my assignments in Canvas?
To check if your assignments have been properly uploaded in Canvas please follow these directions:
        1. Log into Canvas as you normally would 
        2. Go to your course home page 
        3. Click on Assignments on the navigation menu on the left. 
        4. You will see a page with a list of assignments for the course.
        5. Click on the assignment you want to check. 
        6. On the right hand side of the assignment page, you will see a “Submission” notification detailing when you submitted your assignment.

I have submitted my assignments, when will I receive a grade?
    Upon submission of any assignment please allow two weeks for the assignment to be graded by the professor or TA before contacting Student Services.

What is the grading scale for RTS Distance Education? 
    The grading scale for Distance Education is the same that is present at all RTS Residential Campuses.
        A   97-100
        A- 94-96
        B+ 91-93
        B  88-90
        B- 86-87
        C+ 83-85
        C 80-82
        C- 78-79
        D+ 75-77
        D 72-74
        D- 70-71
        F Below 70
        I Incomplete    
        W Withdraw
        S Satisfactory
        P Passing


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