Chaplains Ministry Institute

At Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC

The Chaplaincy Ministry Institute (CMI) includes a degree emphasis within the M.Div. program that offers distinctive courses and electives in the area of chaplaincy ministry.  The focus of the CMI is to prepare men and women for service in many settings: military, institutional, airport, hospital, corporate and more. Our program will be marked by a distinctively Reformed approach to the chaplaincy and will embody the following characteristics:

  • Theologically informed ministry
  • Centrality of preaching and teaching the Word
  • Faithful gospel witness in a pluralistic culture
  • Apologetics and evangelism
  • Family focus
  • Attuned to personal calling
  • Biblical in principal and practice

Five classes will be required as part of the 106 credit MDiv curriculum and these courses will replace the 10 elective credits. The required courses for the emphasis are:

  • Chaplaincy class (3 credits) (hybrid directed study format).
  • HT610 Ministry in a Postmodern Context (2 credits) OR ST628 Applied Apologetics (2 credits).
  • Choose one 2 credit counseling class. (We strongly recommend Marriage and Family counseling).
  • Choose one 3 credit counseling class. (We strongly recommend Crisis/Traumatic Stress counseling).

In addition, regular luncheons will be held at the RTS-Charlotte campus where speakers come to address some of the most important issues related to chaplaincy ministry today.   These lunches are hosted by the CMI director.

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