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New Article: Pastor and Chaplain
“Nurture the living; Care for the wounded; and Honor the dead.”
Written by CMI Chariman Douglas Lee | Sunday, July 21, 2013

Due to the incredible opportunities and need for chaplains in all sectors of American life, both domestically and internationally, RTS Charlotte is pleased to unveil the new Chaplains Ministry Institute (CMI). The focus of the CMI is to prepare men and women for service in many settings: military, institutional, airport, hospital, corporate, and more. Briefly, our program will be marked by a distinctively Reformed approach to the chaplaincy and will embody the following characteristics:


  • Theologically Informed Ministry: Committed to Reformed theology as defined in the Westminster Standards, we believe that a ministry practice flows from a theological center and chaplains should be equipped to think theologically about issues that their ministry will encounter.
  • Centrality of Preaching and Teaching the Word: While chaplain ministry involves many aspects, we are committed to the supremacy of preaching. Whether preaching on the battlefield or giving the Word privately in counseling, we believe our chaplains are "physicians of the soul," and their medicine is Word, Sacrament, and Prayer. Our chaplains, regardless of their ministry context, must be able to exegete, and esposit the primary means of grace: the authoritative Word of God. 
  • Faithful Gospel Witness in a Pluralistic Culture: As most chaplain ministry takes place in pluralistic settings, our aim is to teach chaplains how to conduct ministry that is faithful to the Word of God in that context. Chaplain candidates will explore the ministry framework of several cultures, including the military and various institutions, and be taught faithful methods for presenting the Gospel in those contexts. 
  • Apologetics and Evangelism: We endeavor to prepare our chaplains as evangelists and apologists to be ready to give an answer for the hope that they have in Christ, according to the Scriptures. 
  • Family Focus: Chaplains will be prepared to minister by integrating Biblical truth to the whole family, not just the soldier, prisoner, or businessman alone.
  • Attuned to Personal Calling: Our institute is focused on preparing chaplains with specific callings, thus directing them to supplemental learning resources and mentors who can help them achieve their personal goals of ministry.
  • Biblical in Principle and Practice: While thankful for the good work of other national agencies and institutes, our approach to preparing chaplains will be grounded in a commitment to the inerrant and infallible Word in all things.

To download the CMI brochure in PDF format, please click on the brochure link below.

Chaplains Ministry Institute - RTS Charlotte (PDF)