Charlotte Course Syllabi

Summer 2014
DM801 Theology of Ministry
    DM867 Puritan Theology and Ministry
    NT502 Greek I
    HT731 Theology of John Calvin
    PT522 Communication II
    PT524 Preaching Lab II
    PT731 Pastoral Ministry: Local Church and College Campus
    PT733 Planting and Growing a Campus Ministry
    ST540 Christian Encounter with Islam

Fall 2014

    CO516 Introduction to Christian Counseling
    CO737 Marriage and Family Counseling
    HT502 History of Christianity I
    HT729 ARP History
    MS518 Missions
    NT504 Greek II
    NT508 Gospels
    ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis
    ON602 Archaeology of the Bible and the Ancient Near East
    OT502 Hebrew I
    OT508 Genesis-Joshua
    OT516 Isaiah-Malachi
    PT508 Communication I
    PT512 Leadership
    PT516 Pastoral Counseling
    PT520 Church Polity
    PT522 Communication II
    PT611 ARP Church Polity
    ST502 Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies
    ST508 Systematic Theology I
    ST526 Sanctification
    ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics
    ST530 Apologetics
    ST604 Medieval Theology
    ST623 Theology and History of Southern Presbyterianism




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