Charlotte Course Syllabi

Fall 2014

    CO516 Introduction to Christian Counseling
    CO737 Marriage and Family Counseling
    HT502 History of Christianity I
    HT729 ARP History
    MS518 Missions
    NT504 Greek II
    NT508 Gospels
    ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis
    ON602 Archaeology of the Bible and the Ancient Near East
    OT502 Hebrew I
    OT508 Genesis-Joshua
    OT516 Isaiah-Malachi
    PT508 Communication I
    PT512 Leadership
    PT516 Pastoral Counseling
    PT520 Church Polity
    PT522 Communication II
    PT611 ARP Church Polity
    ST502 Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies
    ST508 Systematic Theology I
    ST526 Sanctification
    ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics
    ST530 Apologetics
    ST604 Medieval Theology
    ST623 Theology and History of Southern Presbyterianism

Winter 2015

    CO760 Ethos and Essentials of Biblical Counseling
    NT516 Acts and Romans
    OT504 Hebrew II
    ST530 Apologetics

    Doctor of Ministry Classes
    DM819 Church Revitalization
    DM875 Presbyerian Ministry in American Culture




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