Fall 2005

      HT502 History of Christianity I - Charlotte
      HT502 History of Christianity I - Raleigh
      NT615 Exposition of Hebrews
      NT520 Pauline Epistles
      OT502 Introduction to Hebrew
      OT506 Hebrew Exegesis
      OT510 Judges - Esther
      OT516 Isaiah - Malachi
      PT506 Introduction to Preaching
      PT512 Leadership
      PT516 Pastoral Counseling
      PT522 Communication II
      ST508 Systematic Theology I
      ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics
      ST504 Philosophy and Christian Thought
      NT508 Gospels
      NT504 Greek II
      NT508 The Origin and Authority of the NT Canon

Summer 2005

      ST502 Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies
      PT611 Leadership Civil War
      ON504 ABX
      NT522 Hebrews-Revelation
      NT502 Greek 1
      HT610 Ministry in a Post-Modern Context
      DMC803 Leadership
      DM870 Puritan Piety
      DM870 Puritan Piety read
      DM870 Puritan Piety lecture

Spring 2005

      PT518 PastoralMinistry
      PT515 ChristianLife.
      OT512 Poets
      OT508 Genesis-Joshua
      OT504 Introduction to Hebrew
      ON605 Hebrew Readings
      ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis
      NT602 Greek Readings
      NT520 Pauline Epistles
      NT506 Greek Exegesis
      MS508 Evangelism (Parish Track)
      MS508 Evangelism
      HT702 American Presbyterianism
      HT506 Church & World
      CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church (Parish Track)
      CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church
      HT504 History of Christianity

Winter 2005

      ST530 Apologetics
      PT607 Preaching Christ from all the Scriptures
      OT510 Judges-Esther
      NT516 Acts and Romans
      DME899 Doctoral Project and Research Methodologies
      DME823 Theology of Worship
      DMC804 Church Revitalization book list
      DMC804 Church Revitalization

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