Master Of Divinity - Core Curriculum

Atlanta Campus

The curriculum consists of 106 semester hours.  In addition to the below, the M.Div. degree curriculum requires 6 hours of free electives, for a total of 106 hours. Those who have studied Greek may take a proficiency examination to determine if they may be exempted from portions of the Greek requirement.

Fall Semester16 Hours
04HT502History of Christianity I3 Hours
04MS518Missions2 Hours
04NT502Greek I3 Hours
04NT508Gospels3 Hours
04PT506Introduction to Preaching2 Hours
04ST502Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies3 Hours
Winter Semester3 Hours
04HT508Classics of Personal Devotions1 Hour
04NT516Acts and Romans2 Hours
Spring Semester15 Hours
04OT508Genesis to Joshua3 Hours
04HT504History of Christianity II3 Hours
04MS508Evangelism2 Hours
04NT504Greek II3 Hours
04NT520Pauline Epistles3 Hours
04ST526Principles of Sanctification1 Hour
Fall Semester15 Hours
04NT506Greek Exegesis2 Hours
04OT502Hebrew I3 Hours
04PT508Communication I2 Hours
04PT512Leadership2 Hours
04ST504History of Philosophy & Christian Thought3 Hours
04ST515ST: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology3 Hours
04PT536Field Education Internship 
Winter Semester4 Hours
04OT510Judges to Esther2 Hours
04ST519ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments2 Hours
Spring Semester15 Hours
04NT522Hebrews to Revelation3 Hours
04OT504Hebrew II3 Hours
04OT512Poets2 Hours
04PT510Preaching Lab I ***2 Hours
04PT518Pastoral Ministry2 Hours
04ST517ST: Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology3 Hours
Fall Semester15 Hours
04OT506Hebrew Exegesis2 Hours
04OT516Isaiah to Malachi3 Hours
04PT520Church Polity1 Hour
04PT516Pastoral Counseling3 Hours
04PT522Communication II2 Hours
04ST540Christian Encounters with Islam2 Hours
04ST601Covenant Theology2 Hours
04PT534Field Education Seminar ** 
Winter Semester2 Hours
04ST530Apologetics2 Hours
Spring Semester15 Hours
04PT526Worship3 Hours
04CE514Educational Ministry of the Church2 Hours
04HT506Church and the World2 Hours
04ON504Advanced Biblical Exegesis / Macro-Hermeneutics3 Hours
04PT524Preaching Lab II ***2 Hours
04ST528Pastoral and Social Ethics3 Hours
04PT534Field Education Seminar ** 

** Students are encouraged to complete the 400-hour Field Education requirement before enrolling for this seminar. A Field Education Registration Form must be submitted before Field Education can begin.

*** Women and other non-ministerial candidates will substitute additional elective course hours for the Preaching Labs. These elective courses may include alternative communication labs.

For the most updated version of the curriculum, see the RTS online catalog.

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