Master Of Arts - Counseling

Summer Semester8 Hours
02PSY501Fundamental Therapy Skills2 Hours
02PSY546Research & Program Evalution*3 Hours
02PSY571Group Theories & Practice3 Hours
Fall Semester16 Hours
02PSY551Professional, Ethical, and Legal Studies3 Hours
02PSY519Psychopathology3 Hours
02PSY560Theory & Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy3 Hours
02PSY630Psychology in Relation to Theology I1 Hour
02PSY568Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy3 Hours
02ST502Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies3 Hours
Winter Semester5 Hours
02PSY503Psychodiagnostics & Advanced Therapy Skills3 Hours
 Biblical/Theological Studies Electives**2 Hours
Spring Semester14 Hours
02PSY570Couples Counseling3 Hours
02PSY573Sexuality and Sex Therapy3 Hours
02PSY650Practicum2 Hours
02PSY592Addictions3 Hours
 Biblical/Theological Studies Electives**3 Hours
Summer Semester4 Hours
02PSY516Career & Lifestyle Development*3 Hours
02PSY654Internship1 Hour
Fall Semester12 Hours
02PSY510Social & Cultural Issues in Counseling3 Hours
02PSY511Human Growth & Development3 Hours
02PSY654Internship2 Hours
02ST501Systematic Theology Survey***4 Hours
Winter Semester4 Hours
02PSY542Evaluation & Assessment3 Hours
02PSY654Internship1 Hour
Spring Semester13 Hours
02PSY576Counseling in Community Settings3 Hours
02PSY632Psychology in Relation to Theology II2 Hours
02PSY654Internship2 Hours
 Biblical/Theological Studies Electives**6 Hours
  Master of Arts Counseling
*Career & Lifestyle Development and Research & Program Evaluation are cycled in alternate years. 
**Student’s choice of biblical and/or theological courses with OT, NT, ON or ST course prefix.
***Required unless the student chooses to take, instead, the full sequence of systematic theology courses (02ST515 + 02ST517 + 02ST519).
Core counseling courses - 55 credit hours. Biblical/theological studies courses - 18 credit hours. Psychology in relation to theology courses - 3 credit hours.
Student’s course of study must be approved by the Academic Director of the Master of Arts in Counseling program. The maximum number of biblical/theological electives that may be transferred into the MAC program (to fulfill the 11 credit-hour biblical/theological electives component) is 9 credits.