D.Min. Church Revitalization Coaching Fees

The Leadership for Revitalization course is a mentoring/coaching program where pastors/churches get personal supervision in the revitalization process.  These costs include an administrative/coaching fee and travel costs for four on-site visits to the student’s church by a revitalization coach.  These coaches have many years of experience in local church revitalization and their input is vital to the success of the program.

The coaching fee is $5,500 per church with four students/churches in a cohort group.  This figure may adjust slightly up or down depending on the number of churches in a cohort group.  In addition to the coaching fee, churches will have travel costs for the coaches who will make on-site visits four times.  Estimated cost for travel is $3,000 (4 X $750) but this may vary significantly based on where the church is located in the United States.  Check with Dr. Fortson dfortson@rts.edu for more information on coaching fees.

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