New York City MABS Distance Classes Required for 2017

Spring 2017

Pauline Epistles (00NT520b)
Dr. Robert Cara (Prof of Record Dr. Ben Gladd)
3 credits

Format: NYC Students will take Pauline Epistles as an online course during the spring semester. Student to student and student to professor interactions will also be accomplished via the online Canvas learning management system. Lectures are by Dr. Robert Cara. The professor of record is Dr. Ben Gladd.
Course description: An exposition of the epistles in chronological order that emphasizes the application of Paul’s theology to the pastoral needs of the churches of his day and ours. (Note: 00NT520b does not include Romans)

Christian Apologetics (09ST530)
Dr. James Anderson
2 credits

Format: NYC students will take Chrisitian Apologetics as an online course during the spring 2017 semester. In addition to the online instruction, there will be three (3) two hour sessions of interactions with Professor Anderson via Google Hangout (students in NYC classroom) on three Monday nights from 6-8pm on: Feb 13; Mar 27; Apr 17.
Course description: The course will seek to formulate the rational basis for believing in Christian theism, with responses to objections and critiques of competing worldviews.

Advanced Biblical Exegesis (00N504)
Dr. Robert Cara & Dr. Richard Belcher
3 credits

Format: The class will be taken by RTS NYC students as an online course during the spring 2017 semester.
Course description: Emphasis will be placed upon OT-NT issues, particularly redemptive-historical considerations and covenant theology. Background hermeneutical issues will be covered, including the role of the interpreter and creeds/confessions. In addition, the course will include an overview of the history of interpretation of the Bible from the early church to modern day. Finally, the class will explore the relationship between original meaning and modern meaning. The course is team taught with the first half being taught by Dr. Cara and the second half taught by Dr. Belcher. The final lecture includes a guest lecture from Dr. Michael Kruger.

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