Distance Courses Required for the New York City MABS

Students in the New York City MABS degree program are required to take the following online courses:

00NT508 | 3 hours | Dr. Michael J. Kruger
Gospels. Attention is given to each writer’s literary art, theological teaching, pastoral purpose, and message for today’s church and world.

00NT520 | 3 hours | Dr. Robert J. Cara
Pauline Epistles. An exposition of the epistles in chronological order that emphasizes the application of Paul’s theology to the pastoral needs of the churches of his day and ours.

00NT522 | 3 hours | Dr. Michael J. Kruger
Hebrews–Revelation. An introduction to the General Epistles and Revelation that includes the history, setting, theme, purpose, and message of each book.

00OT512 | 2 hours | Dr. Richard P. Belcher, Jr.
Poets. An examination of the literary structure, themes, and history of the Psalms and wisdom literature of the Old Testament.

00ON504 | 3 hours | Dr. Robert J. Cara & Dr. Richard P. Belcher, Jr.
Advanced Biblical Exegesis/Macro-Hermeneutics. Emphasis will be placed upon OT-NT issues, particularly redemptive-historical considerations and covenant theology. Background hermeneutical issues will be covered, including the role of the interpreter and creeds/confessions. In addition, the course will include a brief overview of the history of interpretation of the Bible from the early church to modern day. Finally, the class will explore the relationship between original meaning and modern meaning.

00ST530 | 2 hours | Dr. James N. Anderson
Apologetics. Students examine the various approaches to apologetic methodology and engage the most frequently raised objections to the Christian faith.

In addition, students are required to take one of the following two online courses:

00ST504 | 3 hours | Dr. James N. Anderson
History of Philosophy and Christian Thought. A critical, historical survey of the development of the main schools of philosophy and the principal developments in Christian doctrine and thought. After a brief introduction to philosophical thinking, the course concentrates on philosophical movements from Heraclitus to contemporary existentialism. Each school of thought is evaluated from a distinctively Reformed perspective.

00ST528 | 3 hours | Dr. James N. Anderson
Pastoral and Social Ethics. Students are introduced to terminology, major views, and problems in the study of ethics and to a biblical basis for morality. Basic concerns and current issues in social ethics are covered.

Please refer to the course schedules for suggestions on when to take these online courses.

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